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Sisir Kanta Mishra from Dhenkanal

truth2tell - The Blog
Sisir Kanta Mishra, Dhenkanal

Hema V. Raghavan from New Delhi

Hema V. Raghavan, New Delhi

Koushik Ghosh from Kolkata, currently Los Alamos

truth, love and beauty
Koushik Ghosh, Kolkata, Currently Los Alamos

Praneeth Reddy from Chennai

The Unreal Truth
Praneeth Reddy, Chennai

Animesh Ganguly from New Delhi

Penning down the mind
Animesh Ganguly, New Delhi

Prithvi K. Joshi from Mumbai

The Ultimate Secrets

Subramanyam K.V.  from Hyderabad

Light & Truth
Subramanyam K.v. , Hyderabad