Banega Swachh India (91)

Shiwangi Shrivastava


Banega Swachh India-The Road to the City of...

pensitdown.com - Banega Swach India is a initiative to health program compounded by the basic hygiene practices.
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स्वच्छता : धन की...

chaupal-ashu.blogspot.com - swachh rahne ki koi majburi nahi honi chahiye, ye to ek aadat honi chahiye... all those people who worship, they should be atleast make this a habit... if that also doesnot encourage people why not...
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Sweety Pateliya


Banega Swacch India: What's your role?

chinkslounge.wordpress.com - Enough of the discussions. It is time to act now. Sweeping the roads won't help. What will? Read on. A simple solution to make India clean and hygienic.
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Asma Ferdoes


We, The solution

asiyafathima.blogspot.com - There is a famous song, "when the going gets tough, the tough get going". It is time to toughen our stand and get going to make our India, clean and beautiful India
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Fathima Light


Towards A Cleaner India

ada2writes.wordpress.com - In school, we have been taught the same taglines since young: cleanliness is next to godliness. How many of us follow them? Also, in Tamil literatures, there is a significant importance is given to...
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Pratidhi Chowdhury


Banega Swachh India!

pratidhichowdhury.blogspot.com - In India, since time immemorial cleanliness has been considered as important as praying to God. And by tradition, the Indian society and culture values personal hygiene, but gives little importance...
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