Let’s Put A Smile On That Face (10)

Smiles are doubled, when shared. And the most priceless thing is to make your loved ones smile. So put a smile on that face with a snack on the plate. Tell us how would you use McCain snacks to make someone smile.

Sangeeta and Maitreni Mishra


Let’s put that McCain(ian) Smile on her Face

thestylesymphony.com - Adding smiles to my life is not a difficult task for me as my small world consists of nothing but sheer grin. I very well know how to bring forth those priceless expressions on the faces of my kids.
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Shalini Digvijay


Smile the mile with McCain-spreading the magic

baketitude.com - Love ,happiness ,potatoes and chocolate need no special time nor occasion. Any time they are brought together becomes special. Always. Smilies helo in spreading smiles and happiness.
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Vinny Evelyn


Magic filled smiles- With McCain smiles

crownofblessing.blogspot.in - Every year I celebrated Christmas with family and friends. But I want to celebrate this Christmas with some of the cutest kids on this planet, kids who are staying in an orphanage in our city.And...
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Ekta Khetan


This Diwali Create Magic And Smiles With McCain

hautekutir.com - This Diwali say bye bye to boring old snacks and create Magic And Smiles With McCain India
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Vishal Grover


A Treat with Full of Smiles All Around

metimediary.blogspot.com - Feel good to see smiles on your guests faces. McCain is a very good option for anytime snacks and a ‘must’ item in your kitchen for a Fun Filled Food Treat.
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This Diwali Let’s Make Them Smile..

theotherbraininc.com - A post about how I plan to put a smile on someone special's face.
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Arvind Passey



passey.info - Well, that evening we had an eighty-year old neighbour who said he was convinced he was as crisp as a McCain Smilie and he graciously said, ‘Let’s call this evening snacksgiving as a...
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Ruby Singh


Making the evening tea more smiley with McCain...

singhruby.com - I love tea. I just cannot do without my morning and evening cup of tea. While I can do away with a cup of coffee but nothing beats a hot and steaming cup of ginger tea. Back at home we all might not...
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