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the Internet is fun with Vodafone

Internet is fun! (213)

#InternetIsFun #vodafone

Anjee Bhatia


I am smart now - I recently started browsing the internet on my phone. With caution. As a novice I have a lot to learn. I am loving the experience
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Abhik  Chatterjee


AROUND MY "V"ORLD IN 80 MINUTES.... - A crazy journey is undertaken by Silly-eous Dog and his faithful accomplice, Pass-the-Ball-Out. Will Vodafone's mobile Internet aid them in this fun-filled quest and help them to achieve their...
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Anupama K. Mazumder


Of Internet - How a technology has changed our lives completely, yet quietly. A very positive take!
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Tony Tharakan


Internet is fun. More fun on the Mobile. - Meet my friend Internet. He’s a fun guy and loves spending time with everyone. Not that he wasn’t attractive earlier, but ever since he’s been on Mobile, Internet has been...
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Internet is fun says my Grandpa - and so now, my grandpa can talk to him, see him and believe me, the kind of smile and joy it brings to my grandpa is to be seen to be believed
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G V Krishnan


Internet is fun, but not on ‘fone’ - Bound to wheel chair life can be excruciatingly confining. Kini’s window to the world around is his Net connected computer screen. We blogged about the years we spent together, about the...
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Praz Venkatesh


The Internet is fun! - With umpteen avenues and endless channels of information available for the eager consumer, the Internet is what you make it out to be for yourself. It is a connected realm of endless possibilites for...
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Nirvana Drift


Web of Dreams - I never changed from Airtel since I wanted the same number even though Airtel wasn't so promising. Then came the number portability and I chose to vodafone. The 3G is truly a bliss.
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