Better Way (145)


Swarupa Rani Sahu


Farida Rizwan


My Views and Review of Tablet PC - Tablet has been a blessing to my daughter with special needs. The tablet has done more to her development than any other medical therapy. Read about our experience with the revolutionary tablet PC...
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Sanket Misal


Lenovo Yoga Tablet - Truly Awesome tablet... - I think Lenovo Yoga Tablet is the solution to all and it will lead us to a better life. Must try it really awesome. As they say FOR THOSE WHO DO !!
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Vasanth Benjamin


A BETTERWAY Forward! - The future is here and for all that there is in this world when it comes to using Tablets; A #BETTERWAY IS HERE and that’s the Lenovo Yoga Tablet! Its for those Who Do!
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From Tablet to Tablet: HAPPILY EVER AFTER... - And Mommy! SHOPPING, INTERNET SURFING, SOCIAL NETWORKING, READING AND ENTERTAINMENT everything matters if it is accessed comfortably. And, that's what this Yoga tablet is offering-Comfort and...
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Yashraj Kakkad


My IndiVine Entry: The Revolutionary Lenovo Yoga... - In this post, I have expressed my life with the tablets and have also depicted how my tablet has an impact on my day-to-day life. I have also described how I would enjoy and what would happen if I...
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kush arora


#BETTERWAY FOR THOSE WHO DO…CRAZY STUFF. - The best part about being able to perform ‘yoga’ is flexibility and that’s what the new Lenovo Yoga Pad is all about. Flexibility in Hardware and Usage… And you don’t...
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