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invitation for review of my blog

from New Delhi
3 years ago

I have applied a new design and revamped my blog. i invite u all to review my blog Lex-57. this blog is about the hindi poems created by me. pls check it and let me know

Edited 1 year ago
Reason: i got no reply
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from Mumbai
1 year ago

You seem to have a lot of gud content on your blog. 

But it doesn't look professional.

You may consider doing the following -

Replace the long list of archive with, one popular posts widget along with drop down option for archives.

remove the labels widget and visits from globe.

Fix the FB likes widget (problem is evident) and reduce the size of google+ follows.


You may also consider reducing the length of posts displayed using a <MORE> tag

and instead showing 3-4 recent posts on the page.

Also, request pls review my blog here :)


from New Delhi
8 months ago

thanx friend for ur reply. I will apply the same.