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Shweta  from Basel, Switzerland

Autumn of Thoughts

A poem on thoughts when they fill us and fail to leave us
10 hours ago by Shweta
Arti from Mumbai

Kal Bhairava Temple: Saswad, Pune

A very ancient temple, uncrowded and offbeat, dating back to the 8th century.
10 hours ago by Arti
Indrani Ghose from Bangalore

Boutique and Mid-segment Hotels, Bangalore

Continuing my series on hotels of Bangalore, this post is on boutique hotels and mid segment hotels in Bangalore. There was a time in 2007-08 when...
12 hours ago by Indrani Ghose
Ananya  from Banglore, Seattle, USA

Dance in PINK

Dance in PINK...
12 hours ago by Ananya
Archana Kapoor  from Mumbai


A #Haiku inspired by my spiritual Guru - Sadhguru
14 hours ago by Archana Kapoor
Alok Vats from New Delhi

5 Predictions About Blogging Industry in 2015!

Many newbie bloggers ask me for predictions about blogging industry, as you all know that it is a randomly changing industry. Here is my blog on the...
7 hours ago by Alok Vats
Mridula from NCR

Things to do in Kashmir

My list of things to do in Kashmir
7 hours ago by Mridula
Nabanita Dhar from Bangalore

Credible Night Time Cab Service in Bangalore

On several occasions to catch early morning flights I have had to use cabs to get to the airport, in the middle of the night, alone. So, based on...
8 hours ago by Nabanita Dhar
Magiceye from Mumbai

Monochrome mania

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus
15 hours ago by Magiceye
Vish from Bangalore

5 Ways to Improve Your Mood for Powerful...

Use these simple techniques to improve your mood for a happier "you" which will in turn help you create effective visualizations in order...
13 hours ago by Vish

IndiSpired Posts

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Vinny Evelyn from India

My wish list :) :)

21 wishes I have dreamed
3 hours ago by Vinny Evelyn
Depanjan Chowdhury from Kolkata

Balti before I marti!

My to-do balti list of 10 things, before I marti.
3 hours ago by Depanjan Chowdhury
Monish Chandan from Mumbai

Top 10 things I want to do before I die

Top 10 things I want to do before I die
3 hours ago by Monish Chandan
Prasad Ajinkya from Mumbai

The Bucket List

My personal bucket list: Or 10 things I want to do before I kick the bucket.
3 hours ago by Prasad Ajinkya
Prakash B Hegade from Hyderabad

The Bucketlist

At first I thought ten is a great number to list out. Then, I felt for all the years we live, ten is indeed a small number.
3 hours ago by Prakash B Hegade