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This day last year

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Arti from Mumbai

A Good Deed for the Day!

A small good deed from you :: Sunshine of someone else's life. #Milaap #Water
11 months ago by Arti
Nabanita Dhar from Bangalore

Nature's Love Affair...

A poem written during a trip to Switzerland
11 months ago by Nabanita Dhar
Mridula from NCR

Lack of Sleep, Hallucinations and What Not!

lack of sleep and travel don't mix well, at least not for me.
11 months ago by Mridula
Anita from Kolkata, Bhubaneswar

Hats Off To Heroes

A humble tribute for those who have sacrificed themselves for our Motherland...
11 months ago by Anita
Maniparna Sengupta Majumder from Kolkata

Haiku : Spring

Haiku time... again
11 months ago by Maniparna Sengupta Majumder
Damyanti from Singapore

#AtoZchallenge : How did it go for you?...

The Magnificient Seven of #Teamdamyanti : Guilie, Anna, Samantha, Csenge, Vidya, Jemima and Mary! If you're looking to collaborate on a...
11 months ago by Damyanti
manu prakash tyagi from muzaffarnagar

Gateway of india & tourist places of mumbai...

Gateway of india & tourist places of mumbai with mumbai darshan bus ,मुम्बई दर्शन
11 months ago by manu prakash tyagi
ilakshee from New Delhi

Beacon Of Light

How does one sustain blogging at a stretch for 26 days? I found my beacon that egged me on and feel humbled.
11 months ago by ilakshee
Alok Vats from New Delhi

Dance of Democracy in India!

I was actually not planning to write anything on the general elections, but here is my contribution on the Dance of Democracy in India!
11 months ago by Alok Vats
Ekta Khetan from Mumbai

Book Review: Rafa Dalvi reviews "The Other...

Book Review of "The other side". A short story series of ghost Stories..Here's the take
11 months ago by Ekta Khetan

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knitha.urs from Bangalore

Incomplete Story #IncompleteStory

Incomplete Story #IncompleteStory
3 hours ago by knitha.urs
Tomichan Matheikal from New Delhi

A Ghost and a Secret

“Aren’t you frightened?” he asked. “Well, should I be?” “I am a ghost.”
3 hours ago by Tomichan Matheikal
dayanand arya from delhi

वक़्त की कूची-...

- चाहे कैसा भी रंग भरो - इस तस्वीर को , मेरी कहानी को मुकम्मल...
3 hours ago by dayanand arya
Ankush Bhattacharya from Vadodara


What completes a lost, broken soul? My answer to that question
3 hours ago by Ankush Bhattacharya
Purba Chakraborty from Kolkata

The lady at the bus stop

Rajeev read the note again, things registering in his mind slowly. "If only I could meet Meera again! If only this story hasn’t finished...
3 hours ago by Purba Chakraborty