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Gurinder Raju from Hyderabad

the ends the means
Gurinder Raju, Hyderabad

Faseela Noushad from Abu Dhabi

Good Food Ends With Good Talk
Faseela Noushad, Abu Dhabi

Mridubala from Banglore

Odds & Ends
Mridubala, Banglore

D.Nambiar from Bengaluru / SF Bay Area

Odds and Ends
D.nambiar, Bengaluru / SF Bay Area

Oliver S. Daniel from Chennai

Oliver Daniel's Odds And Ends
Oliver S. Daniel, Chennai

Kalyan Emandi from Muscat

Two ends of Human Mind
Kalyan Emandi, Muscat

Rajat Goyal from Chandigarh

Rajat Goyal, Chandigarh