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Razina from Bangalore

The Foodie Delight
Razina, Bangalore

Hazra from Bangalore

Paths of a Foodie
Hazra, Bangalore

Janit from Gandhinagar

The Roadie and Foodie Blog
Janit, Gandhinagar

Nims from Chennai

Little Spice Little Stir
Nims, Chennai

Purva Sawant from Pune/Mumbai

Haurat Mulgi
Purva Sawant, Pune/Mumbai

Nabanita from New Delhi

eat with nabz
Nabanita, New Delhi

Chhaya Kumar from Bangalore

Your Bubbly Butterfly
Chhaya Kumar, Bangalore

Foodie Panda from Hyderabad

Foodie Panda!
Foodie Panda, Hyderabad