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GeEtS from delhi

Stimulation Of The Mind
Geets, Delhi

karthik from Hyderabad

Living Soul
Karthik, Hyderabad

sonali from hyderabad

crazydove's words
Sonali, Hyderabad

Anuj Mathur from Bangalore

Comic Lines
Anuj Mathur, Bangalore

Vishal keswani from Mumbai

Funny bones
Vishal Keswani, Mumbai

Sid from Mumbai

SiD Speakz
Sid, Mumbai

Vivek from Thiruvananthapuram

Necker Cubicle
Vivek, Thiruvananthapuram

Ajinkye Koshti from New Mumbai

The Breezy Scribble
Ajinkye Koshti, New Mumbai

Soumya Gupta from New Delhi

Betwixt and Beyond
Soumya Gupta, New Delhi

Sunjoo Krishna from Fremont CA

5 foot 5
Sunjoo Krishna, Fremont CA

kamal from chennai

2nd Innings
Kamal, Chennai