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Tall Guy from Mumbai

Heard This One Before
Tall Guy, Mumbai

Shubham Choudhary from Pune

A Bug in my mind

Rishie from A Dilliwala who is back in Delhi

Rishie, A Dilliwala Who Is Back In Delhi

Dipti from Bangalore

Thousand Oceans Inside
Dipti, Bangalore

Vipul Goyal from Jodhpur

Connecting the Dots looking forward
Vipul Goyal, Jodhpur

Dot Mom from Sterling

Karma Calling
Dot Mom, Sterling

Aditya from Hyderabad

My Thoughts
Aditya, Hyderabad

Kusum from Gandhinagar

Far Beyond Skyline
Kusum, Gandhinagar

Kalpak N. from Mumbai, Vadodara

Noises of my Empty Vessel
Kalpak N., Mumbai, Vadodara

Kartik Sura from Pune

Outta Engineering
Kartik Sura, Pune

Asif Dash from Chennai

Dash's Board
Asif Dash, Chennai

Sairam Rajamani from Bangalore

Funny Side Of Life
Sairam Rajamani, Bangalore