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Sonalika Arora from Gurgaon

The Daffodils
Sonalika Arora, Gurgaon

Amritha Krish from Chennai

Igniting Hope
Amritha Krish, Chennai

Shweta Wattal from Delhi

Life - A Hope
Shweta Wattal, Delhi

Murali from Vijayawada

Computer tricks hope
Murali, Vijayawada

Teal from Chennai

I hope, theorfore I am.
Teal, Chennai

Zubair S Md from Hyderabad

Neo's Nihilism
Zubair S Md, Hyderabad

Dr. Anu Peter from Trivandrum

hope and love
Dr. Anu Peter, Trivandrum

Naveen Kumar Solanki from Mathura

STILL ALIVE (a ray of hope)