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Srinivas Reddy from Chennai

Strong Opinion
Srinivas Reddy, Chennai

Kalyani from Amravati

The Mind Mirror
Kalyani, Amravati

Rishie from A Dilliwala who is back in Delhi

Rishie, A Dilliwala Who Is Back In Delhi

eshwar from bangalore

Colours Of Life
Eshwar, Bangalore

A Bisht from Dehradun. Find Me at

Dehradun Post
A Bisht, Dehradun. Find Me At

Shakti from Mumbai

Compulsive Writer
Shakti, Mumbai

Rinaya  from Bangalore

Whispering Silence
Rinaya , Bangalore

Ritika from Noida

Le Blog
Ritika, Noida

Naimisha from Bombay

Pink Champagne for the Masses
Naimisha, Bombay