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Ish from Lala-land

Dead End
Ish, Lala-land

Yashasvi Shailly from New Delhi

Randomness and Beyond
Yashasvi Shailly, New Delhi

Pooja Doshi from Mumbai

Thoughtful Randomness
Pooja Doshi, Mumbai

Deepak Shenoy from NCR, Delhi

The Unknown Indian
Deepak Shenoy, NCR, Delhi

Subhadra from Bangalore

Pure Randomness!
Subhadra, Bangalore

Anisha Nair from Mumbai

Ink n' Head
Anisha Nair, Mumbai

Vishwas Kasat from Mumbai

Vishwas Kasat, Mumbai

yojitha from hyderabad

flirting with randomness
Yojitha, Hyderabad

Anuj from Bangalore / Mumbai / Faridabad

HAPPYness and More...
Anuj, Bangalore / Mumbai / Faridabad

Khushali K Fadia from Mumbai

Sane Randomness