International Yoga Day (57)

Prerna Sinha


A Peep Into The Yogi Kitchen –... - While the world is celebrating International Yoga Day and sharing Yogi postures, videos, Yogic destinations amongst other things. We decided to cover an essential aspect which is less talked about ....
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Dr. Kaajal Rohira


Yoga – The Art of Living Life - Yoga – a spiritual practice or discipline discovered in India is today the most accepted form of balancing one’s emotional, mental, physical and spiritual existence across the globe. The...
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Indrajit Roy Choudhury


International Yoga Day in Baghdad - Today, the Indian embassy in Baghdad organised a celebration to mark the first International Day of Yoga at the Iraqi Hunting Club. Assistant Consular Officer Ashok Rawat called me on Thursday...
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Saurabh Chawla


Yga connects you with you! - My friends, my dear readers, Yoga and meditation are the tools which you can use to connect yourselves with, well yourselves. When you grow old, a lot of chaos you have to face out there. Below I...
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Vikas Acharya


Yoga Really works? - Yoga is great to develop flexibility and strength, we all know that, but priorities, folks. The big question here is: will it make me lose weight as fast as.Yoga can give you the skills you need to...
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Significance of International Yoga... - Physical World is a product of Polarities-Masculine & Feminine.Longing to find UNION of Polarities is finding expressions through–YOGA.Lets do NAMASKAR & Unite the world.May you Unfold your being...
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Prasad Np


A desi take on International Yoga day - 1st is International Yoga day and India has reasons to cheer up for the same. As Yoga originated in India and with help of various evangelist today is most popular form of exercise practiced by...
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champati manikanta


Yoga for everyone - Yoga can be performed by anyone irrespective of age.
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