Let’s Put A Smile On That Face (133)

Smiles are doubled, when shared. And the most priceless thing is to make your loved ones smile. So put a smile on that face with a snack on the plate. Tell us how would you use McCain snacks to make someone smile.

Kriti Das


Origin Of A Beautiful Smile :)

kritimythoughts.wordpress.com - How a age old theory of grandma is still applicable in modern times.
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Sunita Katyal


Spread Postivity With ------- McCain

sunitakatyal73.blogspot.in - http://sunitakatyal73.blogspot.in/2015/10/spread-postivity-with-mccain.html
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Aaqib Raza Khan


Putting a Smile on My Happiness Factory

imagicationink.wordpress.com - "Beta lunch pack kar rahin hoon, please kha lena," my mother used to pack my lunch with a polite request to have it in the afternoon. As soon as I was ready, the lunch would be packed...
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Khushboo Motihar


A McCains Family is Happy Family!

munniofalltrades.com - How the moms of 18 member joint family put a smile on our faces!
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Amreen Shaikh


McCain Snacks: Connecting smiles, Connecting...

akatheversatile.com - Food has the ability to bring back memories we have long forgotten, isn't it? I too have a fond memory associated with food, read on this post to know more :)
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