We all come in contact with a fantastically large number of people during the course of our lives. Many we don’t remember and some we do. Only once-every-gazillion years, do we encounter someone who really leaves a lasting impression. Someone who is #madeofgreat. 

Write a blog post on somebody you know who is undeniably #madeofgreat.
Tell us about your experience with them, what you think drives them from within and the impact they have had on your life.

#madeofgreat (288)

Karan Kumar


Married life wishes - secrets from the hills -...

karansayz.blogspot.com - This may be easy to relate like other things in life but hard to implement like many things in life. On one of my recent visits to Shimla ( yes, I do visit this place when I am not in Jaipur ) I...
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Micky Fernandez


Persons of the Year (2015)

mickyandrani.blogspot.com - CONTEST: What do you think of Tata Motors' association with Lionel Messi? If there are three or more comments at this post (see the box below) by 26 November 2015 answering this question then I...
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Archana Natarajan


Angels in disguise #madeofgreat

aworldofcolors.blogspot.com - We see changes around, we get influenced by people around us every single day knowingly or unknowingly. But there are some who leave a lasting impact in our lives. They can be called strangers...
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Pranav Sukhija


Shaheen Mistry- A Personality Truly #madeofgreat

onlyaminute.blogspot.com - This post is dedicated to a personality who inspires me a lot- Shaheen Mistri, the Founder and CEO of Teach For India.
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 Suman Lata


The Doctor #madeofgreat

dularpur.net - हमारा जीवन एक यात्रा की तरह है. इसमें कई पड़ाव, कई रास्ते और कई मंजिले आती हैं....
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tanya raj


#madeofgreat-Hero of my life

maqshine.wordpress.com - In my life,there is only one person who is #madeofgreat and that person is my elder brother.I know him since I was born and he is the reason ,I always feel motivated towards my goals.He is a...
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Saurav Biswas


Mothers - made of great

aquietthunderstorm.blogspot.com - A short description of a woman I've met who's undeniably made of great.
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Vikas Kumar


The Everlasting Impact of an Intriguing...

theartofvk.com - But what possibly can you find so intriguing in a conversation which doesn’t even last more than a couple of minutes? Well, give this article a read to know more!
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