We all come in contact with a fantastically large number of people during the course of our lives. Many we don’t remember and some we do. Only once-every-gazillion years, do we encounter someone who really leaves a lasting impression. Someone who is #madeofgreat. 

Write a blog post on somebody you know who is undeniably #madeofgreat.
Tell us about your experience with them, what you think drives them from within and the impact they have had on your life.

#madeofgreat (297)



Messi and the Messiah of Mumbai

thesolitarywriter.com - That's why it is said that what drives us from within is what makes us great! Messi never looks sideways or backward but always runs forward towards the goal. Similarly, he teaches us to run...
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The Lasting Impression

theteacerebration.wordpress.com - There was one person who existed as an inspiration in my life!
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Gauri agarwal


made of great

jaishreematajikibeta.blogspot.in - A soul whose power is powerful for enlightment .
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Sathish T.R



sathishtr.wordpress.com - Someone who is MADE of Great, Yes without any second thought it’s my mother and I am just MAD of her greatness.
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Sibin Sabu



myobservationbook.blogspot.in - An unbelievable and deeply motivating story of a man who is #madeofgreat. This would be unlike any other rags to riches story you have come across. I don't think a greater contrast can be seen...
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Koyeli S. Chakraborty


A Person In My Life Who Is #madeofgreat

koyelischakraborty.blogspot.com - The blog is about my father who inspires me the most! It is a story of my childhood, as well as a story of a father.
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Rini Sultana


A great man and a great teacher

subtlepetals.in - The current population of the world stands at around 7 billion. How many of them have you crossed your paths with? How many of them do you remember? Well, we meet so many people every day –...
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anupam joseph


I can do it.

versatileblogger.com - losing self belief means losing yourself.
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