We all come in contact with a fantastically large number of people during the course of our lives. Many we don’t remember and some we do. Only once-every-gazillion years, do we encounter someone who really leaves a lasting impression. Someone who is #madeofgreat. 

Write a blog post on somebody you know who is undeniably #madeofgreat.
Tell us about your experience with them, what you think drives them from within and the impact they have had on your life.

#madeofgreat (295)



On One Old Friend Made of Great

theteacerebration.wordpress.com - There was a person, one friend who was different, and he has made it great!
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Ankita S


Go For It!

hummingwords.blogspot.in - This contest reminded me of a few people who have inspired me in different ways in life. One can find inspiration anywhere. Just two things, I think, are needed- one, an open attitude to imbibe...
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Leena Walawalkar


Life's A Messi Motor!

blahblahofthemind.blogspot.sg - When it comes to exhibiting power, no other title in the world can match this one. The power to change moods, the power to change the tones of a tea party, the power to play mind-games. Hell yeah!...
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Suman Deb Ray


... and some achieve greatness

sumandebray.blogspot.com - Not everyone is a messiah or for that matter a Messi inspiring and connecting with millions. But strong men and women with clean heart has been visiting this planet every now and then. They touch...
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Nirmalya Deb Roy



nirmalyadebroy.blogspot.in - Man who made money for his investors, Peter Lynch, indeed is madeofgreat
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Vishwas Nyaik


Made Of Great- My Friend

thoughtinthoughtout.blogspot.in - This post is about my friend and his hard work to achieve what he has aimed for.
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Rajesh Kasargod


Made of Great

rajeshkasargod.blogspot.in - Made of Great -Stories of excellence with simplicity
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