Time To Change! (293)


Vishal Khandelwal


Mom…Dad, I’m there for you!

onebigpicture.wordpress.com - We must change the way we treat our parents, by preserving their dignity as they surrender to their ageing body and weakening soul. I can imagine a world where every child respects his parents and...
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RAzu Ahammed


It’s Time to do Something Positive and the...

allursolve.com - How do we create change in the world? Yoga wisdom tells us that we need to start at the most basic level. To create change, begin with an individual. What is even more basic than a single human...
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Anupama K. Mazumder


How can we be a developed country?

anucreations.blogspot.com - A true incident that calls for self introspection, before we criticize others.
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Tea Time Changes Saga

riozee.com - I sat thinking, over my daily cup of tea, a bludgeoning turmoil boiling in the head, instigated by the topic put forward by Stay free, “Time to Change”. Every passing second was filling...
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Stay! Flow…Integral Educo.

avibration.blogspot.com - My central idea of the occasion is close to attend “Integral Educo” summit…Back to basics, for transformation and transmutation. Why? What? & How? …
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Ayushi Bhatia


In Greed, They Trust.

littlemomentsofbliss.blogspot.com - We don't own our money anymore, it owns us. It rules us and we happily let it do so. Brothers kill, Families fight, Sisters curse, all for what ? An extra pile of notes in their lockers. This...
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Wilson Amalraj


Social Animal

wils-itzmylife.blogspot.com - God created the earth and found that the earth was empty. So He wanted to fill the earth with the animals and birds. So he created all animal and named it according to their character. The same way...
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Time to change the face of Indian sports

akshayaggarwal.me - Indian sports beyond the realms of cricketing frenzy that engulfs the country are an afterthought that would spring to life in the conscience of us all when an Indian does the nation proud at an...
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