I am Explorer! (124)

Abhra Pal


Come home to seven wonders

the-first-book.blogspot.com - Trying to find an answer to where the real wonder is and what is the world in the eyes of a true explorer, for the contest.
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Tarun Goel


Before the Continental Drift - A Journey Back in...

myboardmyblog.blogspot.com - This is my entry for the Tata Safari Storme I am Explorer Contest. A journey back to the time when the continents were still intact, when the Mother Earth was still as beautiful as it ought to be. A...
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Ankita Singhal


Exploring NeverLand!

makeachange1.wordpress.com - Neverland, an only ward between human world and the world of downworlders, a land that has always been saving humanity is crumbling down! Will I be able to save it? Or die in the process...
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Sarath Babu S


I Am Explorer

daffodilsTouch.Wordpress.com - This is a write up about my Journey to the Center of the Earth which is not yet been ventured into....
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Tony Tharakan


The Martian who loved my brother's SUV

tony2cool.blogspot.com - He caresses his ride with loving fingers each day, smoothing out each hint of a scratch till the vehicle looks brand-new, not something that navigates the rugged terrain of Mars every day.
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Aditya Jha


The fictional stormer - into the land of Hogwarts

galaxyofinnovations.blogspot.com - Hogwarts - the land of magic. Here I was, in the land of hogwarts. How did the day go? Whom did I meet? How was my experience! Read the things unfold in this blog post.. :)
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