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Ruhi Seth from Mumbai

The Blah Queen
Ruhi Seth, Mumbai

Sharmada Sivaram from New Delhi

The Blah-ber Blog
Sharmada Sivaram, New Delhi

Leena Walawalkar from Singapore

Blah Blah of The Mind
Leena Walawalkar, Singapore

IndumathySukanya from Coimbatore

Indumathysukanya, Coimbatore

Sandhya Rajan from Chennai

Expect a Whack!
Sandhya Rajan, Chennai

Chandni Singh from Reading

Banter and Blah Blah
Chandni Singh, Reading

Mani from Chennai

Mani, Chennai

Ankita from Delhi

This is what i do when i'm vella
Ankita, Delhi

Himank  from Hyderabad

Passing Thoughts
Himank , Hyderabad

Pavithra from Bangalore

Wake Up and smell the Kaapi
Pavithra, Bangalore