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Simran Joshi from New Delhi

Insight India
Simran Joshi, New Delhi

Rahul Ashok from Kochi, Kerala

Rahul Ashok, Kochi, Kerala

Kanika from Faridabad

An Insight
Kanika, Faridabad

Khusnud Shahidi from Gurgaon

Khusnud Shahidi, Gurgaon

Runa Choudhary from Bangalore

Runa Choudhary, Bangalore

Tiru from Hyderabad

My Insight
Tiru, Hyderabad

Ratul Ghosh from Mumbai

Anatomy of Strategy
Ratul Ghosh, Mumbai

Sourav from Hyderabad

Insight Inside
Sourav, Hyderabad

DWiner from United States of America

DWine Insight
Dwiner, United States Of America

Mohit from Delhi

What The Fuss
Mohit, Delhi