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Prasanna Seshadri from Bangalore

PS's puzzles +
Prasanna Seshadri, Bangalore

Rajalakshmi Padmanabhan from Bangalore

Magic or Logic?

theSuda from Pune

Life Love and Logic
Thesuda, Pune

Prashant Dhanke from Bangalore

The Brown Phantom
Prashant Dhanke, Bangalore

Kshitij Mhatre from Mumbai

Some Logic!
Kshitij Mhatre, Mumbai

Syed Khizar Ahmed from Jaipur

Psypher Logic

Baba Yogesh from Kanpur

Geeks Limbic Ramble // On Life, Love & Logic
Baba Yogesh, Kanpur

Shishir from Rourkela/Bangalore

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Shishir, Rourkela/Bangalore

Kang from Delhi

The Corner Tea Stall
Kang, Delhi