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Mitchelle Rose D'Souza from Mumbai

Chronicles of a work-in-progress

Achyut Gupta from Chennai

Rants and Raves
Achyut Gupta, Chennai

Nikhil Nilakantan from Leesburg

Life... As it is...
Nikhil Nilakantan, Leesburg

Kino from Chennai

Kino, Chennai

Nishanth from Chennai

...bLaH sPaCe...
Nishanth, Chennai

Bibhash Dash from Mangalore

S.O.T.O. Rants
Bibhash Dash, Mangalore

Ashish from Pune

Rants, Raves and Small Talks
Ashish, Pune

Supremus from Rockville

Stupendous Man
Supremus, Rockville

Jayasri from Ras al Khaimah

The Idle insomniac
Jayasri, Ras Al Khaimah

Aditya Rao from Bangalore

Life is Not Funny
Aditya Rao, Bangalore

Preethi from Denver

Incessant Musings
Preethi, Denver

Maheep from Bikaner

Wobble Bubble
Maheep, Bikaner

Dee from mumbai

Dee, Mumbai

Raj from Bangalore, Mumbai

When the mind begins to wander...
Raj, Bangalore, Mumbai

AB from New Delhi

Just My Rants
Ab, New Delhi

Dr Sarath C from Trivandrum

Silent Rants
Dr Sarath C, Trivandrum