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Anand V P Gurumoorthy from Vellore

Post-Reading Reflections

KSR from Mumbai

Ksr, Mumbai

vibina venugopal from Kasaragode

books for me
Vibina Venugopal, Kasaragode

Vinny from Kolkata

Books Are My Best Friends
Vinny, Kolkata

Toshita Barve from Bangalore

A Colloquy On Books
Toshita Barve, Bangalore

Priya Venkateshan from Bangalore/Surathkal

The NITK Numbskulls Page
Priya Venkateshan, Bangalore/Surathkal

Abhisek Pandey from Delhi


Payal Dhar from Delhi / Bangalore

Writer's Log
Payal Dhar, Delhi / Bangalore

Sridevi from Visakhapatnam

The Write Journey
Sridevi, Visakhapatnam

Pratima Jayaram from Bangalore

Pratima Jayaram, Bangalore