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Anand V P Gurumoorthy from Vellore

Post-Reading Reflections

Priya Venkateshan from Bangalore/Surathkal

The NITK Numbskulls Page
Priya Venkateshan, Bangalore/Surathkal

Toshita Barve from Bangalore

A Colloquy On Books
Toshita Barve, Bangalore

vibina venugopal from Kasaragode

books for me
Vibina Venugopal, Kasaragode

Vinny from Kolkata

Books Are My Best Friends
Vinny, Kolkata

Payal Dhar from Delhi / Bangalore

Writer's Log
Payal Dhar, Delhi / Bangalore

Sridevi from Visakhapatnam

The Write Journey
Sridevi, Visakhapatnam

Abhisek Pandey from Delhi


Ken Doyle from Milford, DE

Writer by Night
Ken Doyle, Milford, DE