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  • What is an IndiMarathon?
    An IndiMarathon is an activity driven exercise on IndiBlogger that is run for around 30 days encouraging people to blog regularly on broader topics that aren't necessarily about the partner or product.
  • How is the content that I write for IndiMarathons different from IndiHappyHours or IndiContests?
    IndiContests are for promotional purposes of a specific product or a marketing drive. IndiMarathons are for promoting more current content and experiences within broader domains or ideas and keywords to make content more relevant for people who read your blog. For example, A real estate developer may want bloggers to promote his current website on great content around the state of real estate in India. You could write many blog posts detailing your experiences on various topics such as buying a house or interior designing or noisy neighbourhoods.
  • What should I do for the campaign sponsors or partners?
    Every campaign is different, but most of them will want you to add some HTML code to your post that says something along the lines of “This post was contributed towards XYZ initiative” with a link.
  • What is the marathon leaderboard?
    The leader board is purely based on the number of blog posts submitted for a specific marathon. The ten bloggers with the most number of valid blog posts get into the leader board. Fame and fortune await!
  • Are there any rewards in an IndiMarathon?
    Yes there are rewards. IndiMarathon is focused on posts of good quality. So, contests in an IndiMarathon may have grand prizes for the best creative posts and you could also get confirmed rewards on a finite number of posts that you submit. Please read the terms and conditions of each IndiMarathon for specific details.
#TataTiago Marathon
Prizes and Scoreboard
# Blogger Entries  
1 Bushra M 150  
2 Karthik Murali H 125  
3 Atulpriya Sharma 125  
4 Anamika 120  
5 DS 117  
6 Jaideep Khanduja 115  
7 Saurav Biswas 112  
8 Dr Srijesh 110  
9 Sarthak Brahma 101  
10 Amar Shekhar 98  
11 Mahesh Sowani 97  
12 Geo Jolly 92  

#TataTiago Marathon (10)

Saru Singhal


The Zig-Zicas of Married Life

sarusinghal.com - With love, support, understanding and art we sailed through the zig-zicas of married life.
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Sangeeta and Maitreni Mishra


Fantastico Facts about the New Age Man

thestylesymphony.com - Who doesn’t like giving and receiving gifts. It’s the most fantastico fact about humans that makes one feel special and enhances the bonds. But when it comes to gifting women, it’s...
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Maniparna Sengupta Majumder


The Man, the Music, the Life

maniparna.com - He was listening to Ruby’s favourite, the Fifth in the C minor; the spontaneous flow of the musical phrases made him visualize the struggle of the individual and the Fate, and the final...
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Sangeeta and Maitreni Mishra


A Fantastico Wardrobe for the Fashionable Man

thestylesymphony.com - We, at The Style Symphony, often advice women with our fantastico fashion tips and sort their dressing dilemmas but men are left deprived.
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Purba Chakraborty


The Music Teacher

purba-chakraborty.com - Story of a music teacher, Riya who is haunted by a bad past experience. It made her promise to herself that she will love all her students equally and never be harshly partial.
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Sangeeta and Maitreni Mishra


Peppy Ways of Rearranging your Home

thestylesymphony.com - Here’s The Style Symphony coming up with four peppy path-breaking interior design ideas which can revolutionize Indian homes.
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Sangeeta and Maitreni Mishra


Men of Impact Who Make Us Beautiful!

thestylesymphony.com - Here, we present some of the world’s brand biggies whose impact on a woman’s haute couture look is considered ultimate even today.
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Somali K Chakrabarti


Pick up a Hobby- Live Life Fantastico

life11.org - When you are bored and jaded in life, a hobby can pull you out of the monotony of your routine, and make your life Fantastico
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Sangeeta and Maitreni Mishra


Music has no rules!

thestylesymphony.com - Today, The Style Symphony explores how a bunch of original artists defied cliches and stereotypes on the Indian and international music scene.
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