The Experience!

Deepthi Udupa


Road Trip!!! - My recent road trip with family from Shimoga to Mumbai
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Thommen Jose


Fog wheel drive - What I did - and what you should really be doing - when it gets foggy on the highway.
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Experience the - My first cut impression about the and my entry into the Experience contest. Thanks
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Ananda Sai Charan


My Longdrive Experience Shared with... - is one such website where we can easily avail information about various cars and their real time driving experiences too. Carconnect is about the inherent and...
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MY CARFULL OF MEMORIES - I still remember, the date was 25th December’1999 when new brand New Maruti 800 dazzling white in color was honking at our gate. Very happily and joyfully, we opened the gates...
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Simply Bogus


I found Car Connect quite Philanthropic! - Car Connect knows quite well the existence of this Barry Van Allen’s words in most of your hearts and so Car Connect is among few rare philanthropic platforms in internet that...
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Pratidhi Chowdhury


Travel More. Connect Better. - The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page & communication - the human connection enhances the experience. CarConnect is a brilliant platform where one can...
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