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Gaurav Yadav
1 day ago

How to get number of threads per process?

How to get number of threads per process, you can use ps axo pid,ppid,nlwp,cmd | sort -nr, ps p  pid o pid,ppid,nlwp,cmd, cat /proc/26309/status commands

1 day ago

Jio समय के साथ खुद को बदले Change With Time Motivational Speech in Hindi

Jio Offer Time to Change Life Changing Motivational Speech in Hindi जियो के साथ समय बदल रहा है आप कब बदलेंगे ? खुद को बदले अब भला आप सोच रहे होंगे की भला एक Phone बनाने वाली या Network Service देने…

1 day ago

SendPulse: Best Email Marketing plugin for WordPress

SendPulse is an integrated marketing automation tool which allows creating email campaigns, free web push notifications and sending bulk SMS within one marketing communication platform. This helps to reach more of the target audience and

Anil Agarwal
15 hours ago

10 Best Free Plagiarism Checker Websites for Bloggers (You Can't Do Without Them)

Searching for the best free plagiarism checker websites and tools? If yes, your search ends here. I've discussed 10 plagiarism tools to find copied content.

20 hours ago

देखिये शाओमी रेडमी कंपनी फ़ोन ब्लास्ट वाली घटना निकली झूठी, ये है असली सच

देखिये शाओमी रेडमी कंपनी फ़ोन ब्लास्ट वाली घटना निकली झूठी, ये है असली सच आपने पिछले दिनों एक खबर सुनी होगी कि शाओमी रेडमी कंपनी का ...

Sachin Dhir
2 days ago

Iterating and calling custom functions for each record – AC Workflow

Check for the flexible & generic javascript solution for iterating and calling custom functions for each record while working in Adobe Campaign workflows

Vinayak Sharma
21 hours ago

10 Best Video Editor App for Android Phones

In this article, we have arranged the best Video Editors for Android Phones.Video editor app allows you turn amateur video to professional.

20 hours ago

AdsRevenue Review : Online Advertising Network For Publishers

AdsRevenue Review : The Webmasters Must Give A Try To This Online Advertising Network. Join Today And Start Making Money.

Neha Khanna
1 day ago

SSD Hosting: Learn The Advantages

In this article, we will find out what SSD is, its features and the benefits that this storage technology can bring to your hosting.

Sachin Dhir
2 days ago

Score to drive business logic on multiple options selected in Adobe Campaign web app

SCORE attribute can be assigned to each option in multiple choice field during Page configuration which can later be used to drive business logic in app.

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