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Sindhu Xavier
6 years ago

My Papa!! My Hero!! (Part 1)

1. 2015 M85 200 met. Hurdles 50.68 sec. Gold 2. 2015 M85 80 met. Hurdles 21.78 sec. Gold 3. 2015 M85 Long Jump 2.51 met. Bronze 1. 2012 M80 80 met. Hurdles 19.92 sec. Gold 2. 2012 M80 200 met. Hurdles 47.10 sec. Gold 3. 2012 M80 2000 met.

Qamar Waheed Naqvi
7 years ago

‘सिन्धु-साक्षी’ पॉवर से सुपरपॉवर!

नाचो, गाओ, ढोल बजाओ, जश्न मनाओ! बैडमिंटन में पी वी सिन्धु का शानदार कमाल! बेमिसाल. सोना नहीं जीत पायीं, लेकिन चाँदी भी कम नहीं. सिन्धु हारीं, तो अपने से कहीं बेहतर और दुनिया की नम्बर एक खिलाड़ी कैर

Malladi Madhukumar
7 years ago

Dipa Karmakar Pride of India

Dipa Karmakar , Tripura girl, makes India proud, and makes millions of Indians Happy with her performance in Rio Olympics,eventhough she missed medal by a whisker to get medal standing 4th. Dipa karmakar is first woman from India to achieve this feat. Inspite of all hurdles, to go to Rio ,finish fourth is no mean achievement.

Roohi Bhatnagar
9 years ago

My support to Sarita

It is important to stand up for Sarita Devi in her struggle today. Not only because cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar has backed her and urged government to fight her case but also because in spite of so much imbalance in sports favoritism in our country (sadly, we can even die for cricket!!), such athletes and sportsperson are able to bring laurels to our nation.

13 years ago

Salutes to CWG Indian Athletes

India's performance at Common Wealth Games has been the best so far with so many gold medals like never before. Total medals count is almost there at a count short of century and on this special occasion, here is my wishing to all the athletes who made our country feel proud.

Kishor Kumar
7 years ago

Can Sporting Gear Enhance Athletic Performance

Over the last couple of decades we have all witnessed significant advancements in medicine and science, as well as in sports in general. As a result, people have become more aware of their bodies and realized that there are ways to improve performance.

Sangeeta Reghu
11 years ago

Yogathon 2012 - My update !!

I am ecstatic as I write this post updating about my big day - Yogathon 2012. This is officially my first attempt at anything that involves a long-drawn-out training. The task was 108 surya namaskar or sun salutations in an event organized by Fitness First Middle East to raise funds for Dubai Autism Centre.

Gail- Indian Speed Star- An initiative to strengthen the sport of athletics

GAIL (India) Limited is an athletics program which is conceived on a grassroots, GAIL-Indian Speedstar that aims to unearth young talents across the entire nation. On 22 nd March, 2016, GAIL (India) Limited and National Yuva Cooperative Society (NYCS), has embarked this initiative GAIL Indian Speedstar at the Constitution Club of India, New Delhi.

Congrats Girisha

A lot was said when the Olympics was going on. About the lack of infrastructure in India. About the attitude of the players. About the politics that exists in the Sports arena in the country. About the lapses in creating eminent sportsmen. About the hype that exists only around cricket.

Vikram Kamboj
7 years ago

Runners all set for the 14th edition of the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon

On Sunday, 15 th January 2017, some of the best distance runners in the world will take centre stage at the iconic Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon. 27-year-old Kenyan Levy Matebo is the fastest man on the starting line with an eye set firmly on breaking the course record of 2:08:35, set last year by Gideon Kipketer.

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