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Shayoni Majumder
16 hours ago

Whats Your Motive? Why do we do the Things we do?

We run our lives by doing actions. We wake up, do our chores, go to our jobs, return, engage in entertaining things, and do all other things we can and what we have to do. But here the question is why we do the things we do. There are various factors which we know in our conscious mind. Also we do many things subconsciously.

Rachna Parmar
6 hours ago

When Children Mentor Other Children

It is an interesting experience when children mentor other children. It helps to enrich both the sides and mutually benefits them.

Abhishek Dhingra
18 hours ago

Overwhelmed By Handling Pressing Things In Life? Leave Everything & Read This!

It can be overwhelming when you try to handle a lot of things at once in life. This affects our focus and drifts our vision from the present.

amruta nene
20 hours ago

The take- away message

A blog about life experiences

Shraddha Singh
1 day ago

Inside the Heart of Hope – Rishabh Puri

Book – Inside the Heart of Hope Author – Rishabh Puri Genre – Motivational Fiction Pages –  121 Price –  Rs. 150 What the Book says about itself – …

Mohammad Farooq
1 day ago

Why is Persistence more important than Talent?

What is that common quality that all successful people definitely have? Of all, the one which truly stands out is that of persistence. The determination to keep pushing. Pushing hard in the quest f…

1 day ago

Cheat Code – Effective Strategies for Working More Efficiently

In the workplace, productivity, innovation and efficiency are always key. Here are some effective strategies for working more efficiently

Sania Gupta
1 day ago

Why Must You Stop Finding Happiness? 

Why must you stop finding happiness in your life? Why is it that I insist on seeking contentment? And what is it about finding your thing in life?

1 day ago

How to be Truly Happy for Others?

A quote from a popular Hindi movie goes: “When your friend fails, you feel bad… but you feel worse when your friend comes first.” A lot of people will agree with this. I know because I do. To be truly happy for others is something very few people can do. How a person reacts to …

1 day ago

Is Bursting Out the Only Solution? #Anger

Since childhood, I despised people who showed anger for no cause and I maintained a good distance from them to save myself from their wrath. I believed that if someone (parents or extended family) …

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