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2 years ago

Quiz time

1. Which of the following characteristics grateful people tend to exhibit? A. Boastful B. Mean C. Too proud D. Helpful and empathetic 2. In which of the following situations expressing gratitude wi…

2 years ago

Are you a true introvert?

A blog that is written with personal experience.

Sanjay Kamath
2 years ago


Confucius Philosophy lives on.... 🇨🇳 In C # API ❤️

Darshana Suresh
2 years ago

E for Extempore #AtoZChallenge

A personal blog of random experiences and musings.

Amul Sharma
2 years ago

Think Like Successful People | सफलता का बीज

Best Hindi speech on Think like successful people | Safal log sochte hain usi tarah yadi ham soche to safalta pa sakte hain | हिंदी स्पीच सफलता का बीज

Why you need Courage?

Being courageous does not mean you are not afraid of anything, it simply means you won’t let fear to stop you from moving ahead in life. Why do we need courage? When do we need it the most? A…

Uma Devu
3 years ago

Existential crisis and other updates.

I’m not going to keep track of how often I post and how well I maintain my blog. Well, that isn’t the plan at all. That wasn’t the plan either. This blog was supposed to be something, like a giant …

Aditya Shukla
3 years ago

How to be happy - 8 ways to create a happy life

Is there any science behind the age old question: how to be happy? Yes. These positive psychology insights will show you how to live a happy life.

Rajan Verma
3 years ago

How Analytics can Help Teachers Personalize Education

Personalized learning was the norm and will be a norm in future also concerning the education sector. Earlier, the teachers used to do a lot of homework to implement personalized learning. But, not…

3 years ago

bride got bumper offer on his marrieage day

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