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Viral Bake
5 days ago

What Happens When You Work For Four Days And Prove Yourself More Productive?

An experiment done to find out four days work environment is more productive as opposed to five days. Experiment on 4 days working in a week.

Pushkar Mehta
5 days ago


Know everything about anything.

Sabiha Gulrays
5 days ago

A few tips to manage your mood swings.

I often feel I need a class on anger management or mood management given the random sparks of anger I have every now and then. When we usually pile up more than we can eat, on our plate such bouts …

Mayura Amarkant
6 days ago

Daily Dose of Motivation: Here are 5 things I do every morning to radiate positivity & warmth all day

Here is the secret. There are 5 things I do every morning that help me to remain the way I am – happy, crazy and positive.

6 days ago

When I hear my name

"What’s in a name," said Shakespeare. "A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet." As a child, I’d often pester my parents askin...

'9 TO 5'.. '24 X 7'.. WHAT ARE THESE?

'9 TO 5'.. '24 X 7'.. WHAT ARE THESE? The time was 1130 AM. The telephone rang.. “Hello, Krish! How are you? What's going on?” “Oh...

6 days ago

Latte Lesson

priyanka kabra
6 days ago

Jack Of All Trades, Master Of Many?

'Jack of all trades, master of many'. Did you know we have been misquoting the famous adage.How important is it to be a master of one?

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