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Deepansh Khurana
3 days ago

Bless Me Father, For I Have Sinned: I’m Envious Of Others’ Experiences

Bless me father, for I have sinned. I’m envious of others’ experiences. It’s hard to explain but this has been my state of mind lately. As the year approaches its conclusion and I…

Ashok Madrecha
2 days ago

विश्वास या भय ( Faith or Fear )

faith, fear, life, trust, perception, followers

Abhisek Nayak
3 days ago

I Should, I Can, I Will, I Did

When you think of choosing a work of your interest, then, at first you should say to yourself, “I should do this”

Jayanthy G
3 days ago

Disobedience #writebravely

How important is it to stand up and raise questions to your parents? How do you know when you must?

Mayuri Nidigallu
2 days ago

How To Keep It Together When Things Fall Apart: 10 Hacks That Could Save You

Life is full of surprises. How do you keep it together when things all around you are falling apart? These are my 10 Hacks that work.

Soar High

And those who stay, be like a bird Let you fly high soaring through the skies Cause there are a million possibilities Waiting to be conquered by you.

Dr Roshan R
3 days ago

Student saves a life while waiting for a job interview

While waiting for a job interview at a coffee shop, Wil Stewart ended up saving the life of a customer

Shailaja V
3 days ago

Shifting perspective: Create more than you consume

Create more than you consume. As I turn 40 in exactly 6 months, here's why this statement made the most impact when I first read it.

Shraddha Singh
3 days ago

Some Kit-Kat Breaks !

A break is what I am on these days…  Why ? May be Because I was not able to keep the pace with things. May be I was exhausted or may be I felt like rekindling the fire.  When life l…

Take the light of Sahaja Yoga above everything else!

Take the light of Sahaja Yoga above everything else! Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi, Extract of talk on Attention, on 27/01/1977 at an International Sahaja Yoga Seminar, in Bordi, India. Sahaja means “It’s born with you.” Sahaja -doesn’t mean easy. Many people confuse. You have now got your right… that one was born with you.. so …

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