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15 hours ago

What if the best is the worst?

The best and the worst

Amul Sharma
19 hours ago

धन के सही उपयोग Inspiring Story On Money Management

Motivational hindi story on How to use money in right way | money management kahani will inspire for saving, spending & investing of money in right way

20 hours ago

Things You Should Do For Yourself Without Being Selfish: Stay Positively Selfish

How many times do you reject yourself for sake of others? How many times do you put your health, success, work, and happiness at stake? By doing so, you ar

Detachment is my Superpower #MayTivation

Which is why a few years ago I decided to go one step further and learnt to practise detachment. And Detachment is my Superpower. What is yours?

1 day ago

Why I Don’t Say What I Feel: From The Diary of an Introvert Girl

Introverts are considered awkward, but there is always a second side which we refuse to see. Try to understand introverts, they have different living on th

1 day ago

I Always Want to Be The Better One, But That Doesn’t Stop Me to Be Happy

The moment I wished, I dreamed, I achieved, the search for the next big thing starts. I might have infinite attraction to what I not have discovered yet.

Vasantha Vivek
1 day ago

Chill Chat With Cool Bloggers – #C3B #MyFriendAlexa

As we want our readers to know more about the life of bloggers, their blogging journey, and their fun side, here we go - Chill Chat With Cool Bloggers ...

Vasantha Vivek
1 day ago

Join Us For Linky Party 19 ……….. – #HappySunday

#HappySunday is a linky party for bloggers to find, collaborate and visit other bloggers. We want to keep the party fun and useful to all of us ...

3 days ago

How to make better use of commute time

Lucky are those who don’t have to commute daily. But for a few of us it in indispensable. Pain in inevitable. But suffering is optional. It is no fun to spend time commuting. You can either complain that it is time wasted or make use of that time in doing things which you otherwise don’t. Here …

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