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Rohit Kothari
2 months ago

The surreal golden village in the Himalayas

The surreal golden village in the Himalayas How often do you come across a village with Golden Hues. Not often, right ? It was oct 2017 when I was exploring the Spiti region in Himachal Pradesh for…

Balasubramaniam A M
2 months ago

Hebbe Falls, Kemengundi - One Pristine Sight of Nature that has not been lost in the urge to improve tourism

There is enough material about Hebbe Falls in the net. The best thing about it is the authorities have preserved it pristine nature. No att...

Hostels in MYANMAR

Myanmar Accommodation for my Backpacking Solo Trip

2 months ago

Karavali – Uttara Kannada

Impromptu outings are fun. This one was all the more special as it was our first family outing soon after our wedding to my partner’s grandparents’ house where he spent his vacations as…

Dhiraj Shenoy
2 months ago

Huliyurdurga Fort - A Legacy of Sri Kempegowda

Huliyurdurga fort, Navadurgas, Kempegowda forts, Forts of Karnataka

Yogi Saraswat
2 months ago

Paintings on Metro Pillars-II : Ghaziabad

आज इस विषय पर लिखने को कुछ है नहीं इसलिए केवल और केवल आपको चित्र ही दिखा सकता हूँ। आशा करता हूँ आपको पसंद आएंगे............आपको ये चित्र , ...

Anjana Srikanth
2 months ago

Kyoto and its shrines

The trip to Kyoto from Osaka proved to be a day-long pilgrimage for me. In an attempt to recover from the many failures in my life, I headed towards the city of shrines and geishas on a chilly autu…

2 months ago

Khole Ke Hanuman Ji Temple Jaipur/ The Lure Of Dal Baati Churma?

Khole Ke Hanuman Ji Temple, Jaipur is a famous Lord Hanuman temple which is synonymous with Dal Baati Churma in Jaipur

Sandeep Rath
2 months ago

Mangalajodi, The Bird Lovers Paradise

The story of a tiny village in Odisha where Poachers turned into Conservationist

Sumit Sharma
2 months ago

Discover the Hidden Gem in Georgia

Discover the Hidden Gem in Georgia. Georgia is one such country that is extremely beautiful but people often neglect it when it comes to tourism. So, here we will speak a little about the country and also about things to do in Georgia.

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