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nikita das
15 hours ago

Meet Genies In This Haunted Fort In Delhi!

The moisture filled the air without suffocating the “worshippers” of jinns. Hundreds of them were crowded in the cave, where the only source of light was the candles on the bed of roses and aggarbatti’s. Despite the chaos, a sense of peace prevailed in the atmosphere so much so that the eerie darkness was almost pacifying to the soul. This is where the Djinns are found in Delhi! One would believe that this scenario might be somewhere in a small town or a shanty village, this could never be

Gautam S Brahma
1 day ago

Hidden treasure in Digaru

Amchong Tea Estate | Digaru | Assam Far from the city, from the pollution there is a place called Amchong in Digaru and when you re...

What to Pack for a Day Long Business Trip

I have been a professional blogger for a little over 2 years now, and during that time I have also been a full time graduate student and research assistant at my university. I have moved around and…

19 hours ago

Navratri: Think Beyond Garba & Dandiya - Dancing With Grace.

India is a hub for festivals. In India there are more than 10 major festivals,

Rahul sharma
1 day ago

Most Essential Things To Carry While Traveling To Kasol

There are number of things to carry to Kasol when you plan a trip but today I will help you to tell about essential things that you should never miss.

Banani Das
21 hours ago

4 Best Budget Places to Stay in Kolkata this Season!

Planning to visit Kolkata this festive season? Then choose these luxurious places to stay in the best affordable prices. Create memories in the city of joy.

Mithun Malakar
2 days ago

Bali Bird Park- Palm Cockatoo (Probosciger Aterrimus)

Palm Cockatoo also known as black parrot is from the family of Cockatoo. The red cheek patches makes him very beautiful. Below are s...

Gautam S Brahma
2 days ago

Scenic route...

Amlarem | Jaintia Hills District | Meghalaya It has always been a wonderful experience traveling to Meghalaya, let it be East Kha...

Mahafreed Irani
3 days ago

Shopping inside a train in Mumbai city

Mumbai’s local trains are synonymous with rush-hour crowds and over-packed compartments. Everyday, commuters scramble, shove and push to squeeze into their choice of transportation. Inside, c…

Hong Kong MTR – All that you wanted to know about the Mass Transit Railway

The Hong Kong MTR is one of the best way to travel in Hong Kong and its simple and easy to navigate. These are the reasons why.

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