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3 years ago


PHOTO PROMPT © Liz Young The tree in the temple compound is mutating.  The villagers have noticed the changes and each day I see them gather...

Aseem Rastogi
3 years ago

Prodigious talent

He had played a seminal role in setting up the team and his prodigious talent was always on display.

3 years ago

यादों का पिटारा

एक बोल है, नीले रंग का। पुराना है पर बहुत ख़ास है। ख़ास इसलिए क्योंकि वो तुम्हारा है। उसपर नज़र पड़ती है और ऐसा लगता है मानो तुम्हारी यादों ने ग...

Aseem Rastogi
3 years ago


Her confidence in marriage took a beating as the other lady took precedence while she was jettisoned.

Sudip Saha
5 years ago

WOW: The incomplete Love story – Part 2

This is the 2nd and final part for the post ‘WOW: The Last Time He Saw Her‘. For better understanding, I would request you to kindly read the 1st part. Continuing from the point where I have left… So, B spends his entire night wondering about S…thinking about the time that they have spent with each … Continue reading

5 years ago

#TweetFables – Story 05-01-2018

One by one, the lights went out and echoing footsteps died away in the distance....

Gowthama Rajavelu
5 years ago

Amusing-yet-unforgettable college days...

College dairy, RKMV, Cricket, PT teacher, Humour

Abhijit Ray
5 years ago

Shadowing for a Living #WOW

  Shadowing people is my profession. I do it to put food on the table and sent my kids to school. So when someone asks me to shadow another person, I do not sit on value judgement. I do not ca…

Vrinda Vijayan
5 years ago

Story of Kadalekai Parishe for Children

A few hundred years ago, there was a small village called Basavanagudi in Bengaluru in Karnataka Farmers in Basavanagudi and surrounding villages cultivated ...

WOW: The Splashing Sound - Version 2 - A Post To Celebrate The Second Anniversary Of My Blog

A blog where I pour out the meanderings of my imagination as flash-fiction and short stories of several kind...

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