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Tanmay Jain
17 hours ago

Adolescence - S01E03 - Attracted - Nisha

"Oh, man !" Nisha groaned and turned back to face her friends. " What is it ?" Ashwin asked, not taking his mind off his food. " He is...

Tanmay Jain
17 hours ago

Adolescence - S01E01 - Friends - Varun

“But she has a British accent like Kenobi !!” Varun was lying on his bed, on his back, surprised by what he just read. He had s...

Navaneeth AK
13 hours ago

The Locked Room – Horror Fiction

It was a thick wooden door that the hallway ended in. As the family mentioned, door had three locks on it and each of them was padlocked. Someone clearly did not want what was inside to come out. E…

Tantalizing Tales#7

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Tantalizing Tales#43

Tantalizing Tales#43

Shilpa Garg
21 hours ago

Golden Rainbow

Book Review : Golden Rainbow by Balaka Basu is a memoir that has been curated from her life. It has 26 stories about people she met in her life’s journey.

Anurag Bakhshi
1 day ago

Danger at Dawn

The sight of the broken giant egg-shell paralyzed me with fear. Photo by MabelAmber at I looked left & right, even behind me, but the predator had disappeared. Sighing in relief, I …


SURE A GREAT SCIENTIFIC TEMPER BUT.. The child was just 6+ but his learning level and the inquisitiveness to learn max quickly was openly s...

Tantalizing Tales#41

Tantalizing Tales#41

Anurag Bakhshi
2 days ago

The Celebrity Customer

PHOTO PROMPT © Fatima Fakier Deria “3 Euros for a Coke? Are you crazy?” she screamed. “I too need to earn something, you know, I’m not a celebrity like you,” the deliv…

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