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Pankaj Kumar
4 hours ago

Chankya Sucess Mantra Hindi Story

Chankya Sucess Mantra Hindi Story, success tips in hindi, महाभारत की कहानी, कर्ण, श्री कृष्ण, Two hindi stories, विश्वासघात नहीं!

16 hours ago

#QuotedStories linky party 12

The written word is truly an amazing thing. With the help of it we can record out innermost thoughts and spread them if we like. With the help of the written word we can look far, far back into time, through the

1 day ago

#story Mamta – Akhir Mai to Maa Hun (After all, I am a Mother!)

Mamta - A Story of a mom,She loved her son & devoted her life for others. She was not a mom of one or two but entire village called her amma.

1 day ago

#story Mamta

Mamta Maternal love is a series of stories based on mom and their journey. Fiction Stories by themommytale.

Anurag Bakhshi
1 day ago

The Suicidal Cat

“Oh My God!” I cried out in alarm, “She’s going to jump. Sooooosiiiiideeeee!” Just a few moments before, we had seen the cat walk up and down the window sill, as if sh…

Aparna Prabhu
2 days ago

Solitude Revisited

“A little while alone in your room will prove more valuable than anything else that could ever be given you” ~Rumi

1 day ago

#Story – Mamta (Maternal Love) – Task of life

Story - Mamta , Story of motherhood. A mom who has an emotion in heart for other kid and this one emotion has changed life of someone.

Dahlia Ghosal
1 day ago

WPS: Before, When There was Nothing

Image from Google Maps Before, When There was Nothing Words 152   “Mother!” Shvetaketu was aghast. “What are you doing with him?” “Isn’t it obvious?” Her face was still flushed with passion. “Mothe…

Tina S
2 days ago

Limbo #FFFAW #FlashFiction

Mohan and lil´Anu shrieked in unison looking at the boat cruise approaching them. Sandhya held her daughter´s hand and followed her husband inside. She felt increasingly less human and more robot b…

Sarthak Sagar
4 days ago


जीवन एक रंगमंच है, लोग यहाँ आते हैं अपना किरदार अदा करते हैं, और चले जाते हैं। यह वाक्य इतनी बार सुना है कि अब तो ऐसा लगता है, यह जीवन ...

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