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Travelling and the journey called life!

The blogs people write are mostly on subjects like- Food, Travel, sports, politics, society, literature etc. etc. However Travel and Food related blogs form a major part of it. While travel blogs i…

Deepansh Khurana
5 days ago

The Journal #0

I guess I am too young to say that life is overwhelming, but I’ll say it anyway. I, also accept that I am too privileged to say the same. It is arrogant on my part to claim I know what I̵…

Deepansh Khurana
1 week ago

This Could Have Been The Last Blog Post Here But It Isn’t Yet

I’ve barely managed to get a structured thought out on the screen recently. I’ve managed to squeeze out a few captions on Instagram, but most of them were prompts from pictures I had cl…

Deepa Sai P R
1 week ago

Get me a JOB!

“And then a large man holding up a pink umbrella stood peering amicably at me” I was to write an article on that sentence for a job opening and so I did.

Rishabh Shah
2 weeks ago

When and What Is an Autumnal Equinox?

An Equinox is a celestial phenomenon where the equatorial plane of Earth passes through the center of the Sun. autumnal equinox is the equinox that occurs during the month of September every year.

Titas Biswas
2 weeks ago

Time is a Strange Dimension

An intellectual space for all people in support of welfare.

Rishabh Shah
2 weeks ago

Zalgo Text Generator (aka Glitch Text Generator)

Zalgo text is basically text created by using combining characters, also called combining marks in the Unicode standard. Understand how zalgo text generator works and make you own zalgo font glitch text online easily.

I Wonder What Ants do on Rainy Days…

Source: Google Images On days when the sun has abandoned us, hiding behind the grey, moody clouds. Do they sit inside their hill...

2 weeks ago

Mating Season...!

The reptile we're seeing here in the picture is called Thonda in Telugu.And known as garden lizard in English.It has been surfaced durin...

3 weeks ago

Does age matter? #MondayMusings

No, I am not talking about your age. Let me clarify. How do you think of yourself in the young-old spectrum? How old are you? Is seventy old for you? How about thirty? When do you think of yourself or anyone as old? And enlighten

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