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Anmol Rawat
6 days ago

3 Unique Ways Sarahah is being misused apart from its True Purpose

Do you think Sarahah is solving the purpose for which it was created? Or do you think that Sarahah is being misused apart from its true purpose?

Shraddha Singh
6 days ago

Love Is Always One Of Its Kind !

Some love stories are a result of long fantasies and some other are sudden sweet accidents. :) :)   No matter How it happened, It is always one of its kind.  Love is a feeling of but…

6 days ago

One Liner Wednesday! #Emotions

  While picking up the scattered pieces, I bruised my soul. ***Musings By Ila Varma. Linked with #1linerWeds.

Pankaj Kumar
1 week ago

choti cutting tips helmet walking

जबसे चोटी काटने की घटना होने लगी है महिलाएं तो महिलायें पुरुष भी पार्कों में हेलमेट पहनकर walking करते हुए देखे जाने लगे हैं. #fun #humor

Kala Ravi
2 weeks ago

A Land Far Away

Relax-N-Rave. Thoughts, Words and Fun.

ED Times
2 weeks ago

First, The Monkey Man And Now, The Braid Chopper: Indians Simply Love Superstitions

We've had the Monkey Man, the ghostly "chudails" & our latest entry is the mysterious braid chopper, who apparently has a legit knack for hair. Well, well.

Chiranjib Mazumdar
2 weeks ago

Random observations

So much to observe, always. I make it a point to observe everything around me whenever I travel, specially when solo. Today was no exception...

How stalkers get lost?

This article throws light on how Google can put your stalkers at bay.

Titas Biswas
3 weeks ago

Out of The Box,Right through The Door

An intellectual space for all people in support of welfare.

R Vyas
3 weeks ago

Memories - मैंने शायद तुम्हें पहले भी कहीं देखा है....

“Meine shayad tumhe pehle bhi kahin dekha hai…”  croons Mohammed Rafi softly in his melodious voice on the radio. I stop and stare at th...

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