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arun pancholi
17 hours ago

रात में करते है महिला सैनिकों का रेप, और सुबह सावधान विश्राम, video

Pak army men ill behave with women army in night, weird news, pakistan army rape women in night, yatna shivir, balatkar, crime news, baloch girl rape video

Parwati singari
1 day ago

Five steps to accept the Blessing in Disguise.

For the third time, in a month, BlogAdda is talking about blessings in disguise. I have tried various thinking caps for this one, one from the Drone’s club, one from the logical follow of Socrates,…

1 week ago

World's Worst Websites List - Weird Experience EVER

World's worst websites - This post might go funny! Because in today's review we are going to list out some of the world's worst websites. So, why I said w

arun pancholi
3 days ago

Omg इस आइलैंड को 10 दिनों में लगे 352 भूकंप के झटके

Weird island faced 352 tremors just in 10 days, la palma island volcano, la palma island earthquake, national geography institute, khabar hatke, jara hatke

ஜோசியம் பார்கலையோ..? ஜோசியம்

ஜோசியம் பார்கலையோ..? ஜோசியம்  "நீ ஐந்தாம் தேதி பிறந்தவளா?" என்று என்னை அதிகம் அறியாத, ஒரு பெண் கேட்ட அந்த கேள்விதான் எனக்கு நியூம...

arun pancholi
1 week ago

18 साल का लड़का बन गया कमसिन लड़की, ये था कारण

Lea Membrey, weird reason behind the boy becomes transgender, feelings of girl in a boy, sex change, ling parivartan, auckland news, jara hatke, boobs size

1 week ago

State of Solitude

courtesy : I read a book at one shot, without closing and no use of bookmarks, without food.  After I read I wrote...

6 days ago

आखिर दीपो के त्यौहार में क्यूँ होती है ये अंधविश्वासी प्रथा|

दीपावली एक ऐसा त्यौहार जो हमारे लिए बहुत मायेने रखता है हर परिवार के सदस्य खासकर बच्चो को इस त्यौहार का बेसब्री से इंतजार रहता है

Shilpa Gupte
6 days ago

Are you a flaneur?

“Er, what? What word is that? Has she begun her post with a typo?”  I can so hear you wondering! Well, no, it isn’t a typo and I am not out of my mind! FLANEUR  (n):    someone wh…

jahid akhtar
1 week ago


Raju was born and grew up in a small village in India. He was good at studies from the beginning. Just like others Raju also loved his...

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