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Mayuri Nidigallu
13 hours ago

5 Things I Love About Paytm

I have been using Paytm ever since I downloaded the app on my phone more than 2 years ago and realise that Paytm has made my life much easier.

3 days ago

How to Setup Instagram Payments Perfectly

In this modern age, almost everyone knows about this popular social media. Instagram is having nearly 400 million active users per day, and it is increasing rapidly day by day. This Facebook-owned video and photo sharing social network is having one of the largest user bases than most of the other social channels. Over the …

Anindita Ghosh
4 days ago

How to find and delete where Google knows you’ve been?

How to find and delete where Google knows you've been? Google tracks your movements even if you've turned location history off how to prevent tracking

4 days ago

How to Upload and Share Private Photos on Facebook

Facebook is not designed just for chit chatting and sharing status updates. Its possibilities are unlimited. From selling products to job search, strengthening relationships to crime investigations; the social network can be used in various ways. Private Photos Facebook

Vishwajeet Kumar
4 days ago

Learn from these Mistakes before Starting the Social Media Strategy

Many people consider social media strategy as an easy process. Is it easy? No, it isn’t. Social Media strategy involves the use of the variety of platforms to target the audience effectively.

1 week ago

How to Use Instagram Direct Chat on PC, Mac, Web, and Chrome

Do you want to use Instagram Direct on your computer, PC, Windows, Mac, Web and Chrome? Let's find out how you can manage Instagram chat directly from your computer

Anindita Ghosh
1 week ago

Gmail for Android and iOS now lets you disable Conversation View

Gmail for Android and iOS now lets you disable Conversation View in which multiple emails are combined under one thread

Tina Basu
1 week ago

8 Strange Things we all do on Social Media that proves you are a Social Media Addict

Spending a lot of time on social media? You must be aware of the strange things we all do on Social Media. Selfies, hashtags, filters all make us a social media addict? Social Media is the most happening place now. Even my house helps are on Facebook! [Facebook keeps telling me ‘I May know them‘, … Read more...

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