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Anindita Ghosh
23 hours ago

WhatsApp Sticker reactions feature to express Happy, Sad, Love and Wow reactions on Android  

WhatsApp Sticker reactions feature to express Happy, Sad, Love and Wow reactions on Android. The feature now has been spotted on beta version 2.18.189.   

Garima Bhaskar
2 days ago

Instagram hits 1 billion monthly users, launches ‘IGTV’ video service. Makes Zuckerberg richer by $1.7 Billion.

Instagram reported on Wednesday that it has crossed the one billion mark in its number of active users. This news was revealed in a video feature to attract content creators like those on YouTube. …

1 day ago

IGTV: How to use Instagram IGTV on web and upload longer videos on Instagram

Instagram IGTV on web: Here is a complete guide on how to use Instagram IGTV on web and upload longer videos on Instagram.

1 day ago

How to Read Hidden Messages in Your Twitter Inbox

Twitter inbox usually displays messages from only those people that we are following. What about other messages? Where are they going?

Turn your blog into an online business

Want to turn your blog into a business? Then leave the old way of monetising it and embrace the new way! To learn more, click the video. Share it with someon...

Rishab Menon
2 days ago

Do You Always Blink When A Picture Is Taken? Facebook Has A Solution For That!

It's a terrible curse. The flash goes off, and you blink, resulting in an image that makes you look ridiculous. Facebook has an AI solution for that!

Siddhant Jain
1 week ago

Instagram Won't Notify People When You Screenshot Their Story

Instagram in February said that the popular photo sharing network is testing a feature that would notify people if someone took a screenshot of their Instagram Story. Now after 4 months, Facebook-owned company has confirmed that they are no longer testing this feature. Instagram told BuzzFeed News that it has officially ended this test and no one will get notified…

Siddhant Jain
1 week ago

Facebook Blood Donations Launched in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh

Last year, Facebook started its new campaign which lets people find blood donor on the social media platform. Now the company has announced a new center called Blood donations. People in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh can find opportunities to donate blood nearby though this new Facebook Blood Donation hub. Facebook will also run campaigns to raise awareness about shortage of…

4 days ago

20 Facebook Security Tips to Protect Your Account from Getting Hacked

Facebook security is very important nowadays. Your account may be hacked by cyber criminals any time if you are not taking enough steps

WhatsApp Informed Almost 1 Million People Testing WhatsApp Payments Service In India

Digital payment service is a buzzword now-a-days and most of the companies are running successfully by adopting this technique of money transfer from smartp

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