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Hemant Mendiratta
2 days ago

How To Filter And Stop Facebook From Showing Bad Memories

Do you wish to stop seeing Facebook memories with certain friends or from specific dates? Here's how you can filter and stop Facebook from showing bad memories.

1 week ago

Are you changing your phone?? See how to transfer WhatsApp data

Needless to turn around too much. WhatsApp is the most used messaging application in the world. According to data released by Zuckerberg on May 3, 2017, WhatsApp has over 1 billion users. It is therefore legitimate…

1 week ago

Big Data: New elixir; new aether of life

Few days ago one of my friends sent this forwarded joke on WhatsApp: Me- Hello! Tony’s pizza?  Google- No it's Google's pizza. Me-...

Shamna sain
3 days ago

Best Facebook Ad management tool - Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is now the biggest trend so if you are planning for doing a Facebook advertisement then you must read this . Because here we are going to d

1 week ago

2018 - 2 Whatsapp Tricks - That are Hard to Resist

Copy Whatsapp Friends Status Picture updates to Your phone & share with your Friends. Also, hide the existing media files from whatsapp from appearing in your smartphone gallery.

Anindita Ghosh
1 week ago

How to post your Instagram Stories directly on WhatsApp?

You can Soon post Instagram Stories directly on WhatsApp! Do you love Instagram Stories, WhatsApp Status, and Facebook Stories too? You would be happy to know that an Instagram story can be shared …

Siddhant Jain
1 week ago

Facebook will be Launching a New Local News and Events Section on the App

Facebook is one of the most popular social media networks in the world and its users read a lot of news via specific pages, groups, and posts on the platform. Now the company wants to make it easier for people to find local news from approved publishers and local authorities. Facebook is testing this new feature in six cities for...

5 days ago

How Social Media Can Be a Team Building Tool Too

Social media has the mystifying reputation of making people more social and less social. If your using social media right you can building and team of experts.

5 days ago

Your queries on Digital Marketing Social media ROI answered

Your queries on Digital Marketing Social media ROI answered   Be Well Ananth V Let’s Connect – Facebook – Twitter – LinkedIn – Social Media Book – Learn Digital marketing – Corporate Training …

Neha Khanna
6 days ago

Website or Groups on Social Networks: What Works Best?

Learn about the best option for effective business development. Know the importance of owning a Website participation on social networks and much more.

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