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3 days ago

How to use mAadhaar to Enable Biometric Lock

In my previous post, I had detailed about how to lock the biometric access for your Aadhaar data. The process is beneficial to ensure that no one misuses your Aadhaar. But it is quite a cumbersome …

Antara Kundu
1 week ago

My Tryst with a Park

And why it is my entitlement, and not a privilege, to have a park in my locality

2 weeks ago

Caught between State and Central

Struggles of small industries in Tamil Nadu, caught between the state and central government. Read on…

High speed Mass rapid transit systems vs Poverty in India

this blog documents my personal reflection on life, love and death.

Raghav Kundra
2 weeks ago

Best Apps Made in India

Versatile is eating the world and we haven't left any stone unturned in educating the world concerning it. Versatile first systems and portable applications are on a tremendous rise. There are challenges as for adaptation however the one thing looks clear is that what's to come will be versatile. The wave has gotten driving force as a result of the immense number of takers in up and coming markets like India and Brazil. India has more than a 100 million versatile information clients and cell pho

Vaibhav Khandelwal
2 weeks ago

Rupturing Railways - reality and ridicule

There have been frequent accidents and losses in Indian Railways despite various improvements being made. The recent such incident has bee...

Pramod Joshi
2 weeks ago

असमानता भरा विकास

Current Affairs, Media, Innovation, Sweet & Sour

Stampede in Elphinstone road Mumbai

A blog by Deepak Doddamani and Ashwamedh Group

Santosh Behar
3 weeks ago

Some Points to Consider for Planning Green Open Spaces in India

Reference - As the world’s cities continue to grow, continuing to va...

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