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Savitha Hira
1 day ago

The metaphysical in building design!

architecture| institutional architecture| façade design| building design| interior architecture| library| perforated building skin|

Savitha Hira
4 days ago

A walk down a historical lane!

urban redevelopment| urban design| landscaping| urban planning| architecture| street architecture| roads| infrastructure| citiscape|

Sushree Patnaik
1 day ago

Who Are the Stars Coming to the Closing Ceremony of Hockey World Cup

Several Bollywood stars and cricketing legends are set to attend the closing ceremony of the Odisha Hockey World Cup 2018 at Bhubaneswar. Big names like Big B, Perfectionist Khan and the God of Cricket are going to attend this mega event.

Savitha Hira
1 week ago

Rethinking Indian housing?!

urban development| residential architecture| façade design| mega housing| building design|

Healthy and Environment Friendly Commuting

Chennai is one of the 10 Indian cities where the cycle sharing service called Pedl has been introduced by Zoomcars. This is a very healthy, economical and convenient mode of commute which is also e…

1 week ago

80th Policy Commission of the World Customs Organization

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3 weeks ago

The New Age Chipko: How People Of Odisha's Village Battled The Authorities And Saved Their Forest

When the government decided to take a part of Odisha's Jhinkargadi forest for the construction of a liquor factory, the villagers objected. They had been taking care of the forest since decades and couldn't let the trees cut. They revolted and made the government scrap the project entirely.

3 weeks ago

Humble abodes

Humble abodes in Lower Parel. These are typical single room tenements in a row called chawls. To view images from 'Our world' or to pa...

Savitha Hira
4 weeks ago

Cultural expression in the built form!

façade design| ceramics| material play| architecture| theme architecture| monumental architecture| bamboo architecture| building design|

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