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4 days ago

Exports logistics and ease of doing business - Issues in Gujarat state

Gujarat tops the ease of logistics survey Gujarat has topped the perception based survey conducted by Deloitte on behalf of ministry of...

TN Bus strike and the passengers

As the strike by the employees of the monopolistic TN Transport service enters the 4th day, there appears to be no relief for the passengers. This bus shelter in Luz, Mylapore has a prominent poste…

1 month ago

Today’s young & fearless entrepreneurs share their honest confessions!

Ever wondered what goes in the minds of an entrepreneur? What is their story like or do they ever feel like quitting? Read this article to know !

1 month ago

Cashless- prepaid cards-No Mobile phones

Government of India is announcing  many incentives to encourage cashless transactions. What surprises me is that I could not find a prepa...

Nilesh Gonsalves
1 month ago

How to Correct Name in EPF

With all the “digitization drive” that the Indian government has undertaken, lots of government services are being moved to online format. One of them is the Employee Provident Fund whi…

1 month ago

Reality and Rating

Reality and Rating Job creation is at all time low, small business are gasping for breath, Make in India has not shown any signi...

Amod SP
1 month ago

Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum - इंदिरा गाँधी स्मृति दिल्ली के सफदरजंग रोड पर देश के सबसे प्रभावी प्रधान मंत्री का निवास था। इंदिरा गाँधी के जी...

Indrajeet Bhuyan
1 month ago

[ HINDI ] What is laxmi coin ? Is government of India launching Laxmi coin ? Beware of scams

Over the past few months a lot of people are talking about laxmi coin. Many says it is a coin which will be launched by government of India and many says it ...

Savitha Hira
2 months ago

Not just another high-rise!

residential architecture| building design| façade design| climatically sensitive architecture| high rise| multi-housing|

2 months ago

Housing variety

The long and short of housing in South Mumbai.

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