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Pavan R Chawla
18 hours ago

Ratish Nair: The broke-at-20-somethings

Some lessons the 20-somethings - or should I address them more appropriately as young professionals? - today have learnt is, 'spend money to earn money', 'to make money you need to look good' or, as they say in Hindi, 'Jo dikhta hai woh bikhta hai'.

5 days ago

Kalpana: An Imagination

Hi all, my first book Kalpana: An Imagination is out now. Here, I am sharing a brief introduction about my book. The motive behind this book is to bring a change in the society and to express the reality of this society. An Outlook It is easy to put aspirations on a girl without knowing...

Gopal Mishra
2 days ago

16 Best Life Quotes

Life Quotes in Hindi जीवन पर अनमोल विचार ज़िन्दगी क्या है? इसका कोई एक उत्तर नहीं है.

2 days ago

मलावथ पूर्णा के सफलता की सच्ची कहानी Malavath Poorna Real Story

Real Life Success Story of Climb Mount Everest Malavath Poorna in Hindi माउंट एवरेस्ट फतह मलावथ पूरना के सफलता की सच्ची कहानी वो कहते है न जब इरादे बुलंद हो तो एवेरस्ट जैसा पर्वत भी सर झुकाने को तै...

Sania Gupta
1 week ago

How to Become an International Journalist: Trending Careers

Are you curious about things happening in the world and is there a passion for reporting events in a foreign land? Above all, are you willing to exit your comfort zone to do something that not everyone else can do? If yes, our career coach recommends you to explore a career in international journalism and consider becoming an international journalist.

Rahul saldanha
1 week ago

Earn Money Online 10-20$ Daily using Short Link Earn Money Guide with 1-2 Hours’ Work

by Technicgang Making online money in a generation where the competition is fierce is another boon for the individuals out there. There are advantages too in this generation like we have digital marketing, e-commerce, etc. And all stuff which helps in lending a hand towards success.

6 days ago


Time flies so fast that we forget to notice the darker side of it. We laugh, fight, enjoy, cry, love but at the end of the day these all fade away leaving tears in our eyes. This world is a cage an...

6 days ago

रहीम दास जी के दोहे Rahim Das ke Dohe

Rahim Das Ke Dohe Hindi Meaning रहीम जी के दोहे हिन्दी में अर्थ सहित महापुरुषों की कही बाते हम सभी को अपने जीवन में आगे बढने का मार्ग दिखाती है इसी कड़ी में रहीम दास / Rahim Das का भी नाम आता है जिन...

Sania Gupta
1 week ago

How to Become an Ethical Hacker (Trending Careers)

Does it interest you to know how viruses penetrate and how cyber attacks are conducted? If so, you might consider exploring the career choice of an ethical hacker or white hat hacker. There is an increasing demand for ethical hackers by businesses all over the world.

Noose is Not the Answer

When Darwin coined the phrase "survival of the fittest", little did he know that it is going to acquire a completely new meaning in the 21st century? We are living in difficult times. Being average or even above average is not sufficient. Everybody is expected to be extra-ordinary.

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