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Amit Kumar
3 months ago

Sujata Ghosh – Indian Model in Singapore

           Sujata Ghosh is an aspiring model of Indian ethnicity based in Singapore. She recently participated in a photo shoot indoors and shares her thoughts with yours news. We hope her…

Wobbly Walk
2 months ago

Plus Size Maternity Clothes: Buying Guide with Fashion Tips

A Complete Buying Guide on Plus Size Maternity clothing with fashion tips for Plus Size pregnant women. Also explaining when and where to shop for Maternity Clothes.

Bienu Verma Vaghela
3 months ago

Work from HOME, Work for Home: Sita Aur Gita Style!

I heard this term “Work from Home” for the first time when I worked with Apna Paisa a Sequoia funded venture – the new-age start-up. This was the official term used for “Working from Home” where I …

vandana Choudhary
2 months ago



3 months ago

Makeup with less products | how to do makeup with less products | easy everyday makeup look

#stayhome do makeup #withme In this video, I am going to tell you how you can do your makeup and go to the party using less products. So in this video I am g...

Bienu Verma Vaghela
3 months ago

Mera Naam Joker: My first window to the world of Films!

आज का दिन अविस्मरणीय … अत्यंत दुखद आज मेरे प्रिये अभिनेता ऋषि कपूर जी ने इस दुनिया को अलविदा कह दिया कभी सोचा नहीं था जिनसे मैं कभी मिली नहीं, देखा नहीं उनका जाना इतना बड़ा दर्द दे जायेगा उनकी…

Amit Verma
3 months ago

Back Blouse Design Ideas for Brides

Indian wedding dresses are just as extravagant as the weddings themselves. Indian bridal attire is meant to stand out and be the centre of attraction on

Jayanta Ghadei
3 months ago

Every step of yours will take you towards your dream

Hey guys this is Ankisha Aggarwal , a lifestyle influencer or you can say that simple Delhi girl following her passion. Since childhood I had lot of dreams in my eyes and I wanted to do so many multiple things to be an actor than a doctor than a painter and many more. Though I …

4 months ago

How I styled Bishop Sleeve T-shirt?

Hello Fam ! How are you all doing? Have you read my last post about Fashion Trend 2020 – Series 1 ? In continuation of that I am sharing my style of wearing bishop sleeved top/tee with you gu…

Amit kumar
4 months ago

How to look classy and elegant all the time

Classy look and elegance is something that never goes out of style and makes everyone sit up and notice the moment you walk in a room full of people.

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