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Kishor Kumar
3 days ago

The fancy five: The five most expensive jewelry sold

To demonstrate how expensive jewelry and gemstones get, here’s a list of the most expensive items bought. Prepare to be mesmerized.

Vishakha Singh
4 days ago

Hit The Gym In Style

Dressing up right for a date or an evening out is a thing of obvious nature. But why let styling be restricted to special occasions only? While making styling a part of your personality, be stylish even when you hit the gym for your workout!Here are some fabulous ways you can style yourself up for...

Manish Sharma
6 days ago

10 Best Wedding Designers for Bridal Shopping in Delhi

Wedding season is always on in Delhi! Right? And whether it is for your wedding, or a wedding among the family and friends, you’re always confused where to get that perfect dress or bridal wear that would make everyone’s jaw drop.

Shweta Java
5 days ago

2 Minute Makeup Tutorial

Perfect for everyday, this 2 minute makeup tutorial is super quick and easy. And you can very easily customize it to suit your self. Watch here

Manish Sharma
6 days ago

6 Stunning Shades of Bridesmaid Dresses for Any Wedding you have to attend This Year

Can you already hear your wedding bells? Well, then what are you waiting for? You better start planning and arranging for everything soon. You need to do a lot, starting from the venue, catering, invitation cards, to the bridal gown, and the bridesmaid dresses, of course.

Vasantha Vivek
5 days ago

6 Stylish Ways To Wear Wedding Jewelry

Ethnic Wear, Imitation Jewelry, Bollywood Dance, Delicious Food and uncontrollable laughter; these are the main highlights of Indian Wedding.

5 days ago

Luxury Fashion Pop-up And Some Killer Retail Therapy With Atosa, Mumbai

Customers are always looking at unique experiences to shop. A brick and mortar store does not give one that fulfilment…

Ethel Da Costa
6 days ago

Love the Camera, says Alesia Raut

My idea of happiness: Would be inner peace, happiness in looking after my family, son and  working. Words I most over-use: Words I use a lot? Seriously, hey ram, boshimoi (in Russian oh my god). My current state of mind: Inner peace through workout and meditation, enjoying life to the fullest. 3 things in my …

Manish Sharma
6 days ago

Express Untold Words By Gifting Awesome Jewelry To Your Love!

Women and jewellery are besties. Women hardly step out without wearing a piece of jewellery. It not only enhances their beauty but also their appearance. Choose jewellery that suits the clothing that you wear as it accentuates the dressing and style.

Manish Sharma
6 days ago

Top 20 Awesome Gifts For First Birthday!

Babies grow so fast, and we wonder where the time flew us by while they grew up. Sometimes it feels as if we might miss something if we just blink! Before we know it, the baby has started to crawl, laugh, and babble.

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