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Swarupa Panda
3 weeks ago

FashionForRoyals Unveils The Best Ethnic Looks For 2020

A new Fashion blog post | FashionForRoyals Unveils The Best Ethnic Looks For 2020 has been published in The Fashion and City. For more Fashion queries, Check out The Fashion and City , A Fashion and Lifestyle Blog.

richa shukla
2 months ago

8 Best 5G Mobiles Launched in 2019 in Indian Market in Hindi

8 best 5G mobiles launched in 2019 in Indian market in Hindi. this post about 5 generation mobiles in digital marketing. in Indian market 5 G technology;s user waiting for 5G phones.. and companies prepare the policy to launch 5G mobiles.

Amina K
4 months ago

How to stitch Anarkali suit with panels/Anarkali dress for 5 year old/ Anarkali cutting and sewing

Hi friends, This is my first sewing video after very long time. Today, I am going to show how to cut and stitch a anarkali dress with panels or kalis for a 5...

4 months ago

5 most Trendy Diamond Ring Designs for Your loved one on this Diwali

looking for most Trendy Diamond Ring Designs for Your loved one on this Diwali? Here are few beautiful and elegant yet affordable rings for her.

4 months ago

The Secret – About Women’s Handbag!

I have always heard these jokes about a woman’s bag. And I never realized they were on me, too! I have always been that girl who carries a backpack. A bag pack that is heavy and has everyone around me questioning – what do you carry in it? D-uh, it’s a backpack and it’s supposed…

Ravi Prakash Sharma
4 months ago

पैरों का राजसी आभुषण – रजवाड़ी मोजड़ी

Rajwari Mojari Jutti Mojari Shoes रजवाड़ी मोजड़ी जूतियां जो आपके पैरों की सुंदरता निखारे। राजस्थान महाराष्ट्रियन मोजड़ी जूती पुरुष व महिलाओं की खास पसंद। क्या आपने पहना है कभी Mojari Juti, चलिए जानते हैं इनके बारे में।

Divya N
4 months ago

DIY jute yarn diamond earrings

Invest in responsible fashion this festive season. Here is a DIY tutorial on making jute yarn diamond earrings. These earrings are available for sale too.

4 months ago

मेहंदी डिज़ाइन- भाग 7 (mehndi design- part 7)

कहा जाता हैं कि मेहंदी की महक रिश्तों को भी महकाती हैं। आइए, इस करवा चौथ पर हाथों पर सुंदर-सुंदर मेहंदी डिजाइन सजाकर अपने रिश्तों को महकाइएं...

1 year ago

Best Ways To Match Your Jewellery and Lehenga

The rush to ensemble your dress and jewellery start again with the problem of choosing the best. Here are best ways to match your jewellery and lehenga.

Bindu Gopal Rao
1 year ago

Apparel Trends in 2018

Spread the loveFlash Back 2018 As the curtains fall on 2018 let’s look back at the apparel trends that ruled the year. 2018 was the year that saw the apparel industry take several new strides. The fashion ramps have witnessed many new fashion and style trends and the apparel manufacturers have looked at the past and at traditions to create the new. Here are some key trends that shaped the industry this year. Comfort is Key Athleisure as a category …

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