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Viral Bake
2 weeks ago

This Sabyasachi Designer School Uniform For Jaisalmer School Will Make You Wanna Go To School, Again - Viral Bake

The school dress looks so elegant with the head-turner being the skirt that entails the regionally-celebrated art work called Ajrakh

3 weeks ago

Top 4 Women Footwear Trends | GetSetHappy

Top 4 Women Footwear Trends: If you're a trendy street style lover or admire the glam of the runway, here is a quick guide on latest Trendy Wedges Online.

3 weeks ago

5 Top In-Style Bottom Wear For Women | GetSetHappy

5 Top in-style bottom wear for girls and women - The bottom wear to pair with the some chic tops, too are evolving with time. Cullotes Pants are one of them

2 weeks ago

Everything You Need To Know Before Buying The Right Nightwear | GetSetHappy

Everything You Need To Know Before Buying The Right Nightwear: Picking the right kind of nightwear can be an uphill task, we are here to help you out

Jayanta Ghadei
3 weeks ago

God’s Plan is Bigger than Your’s

Born in middle class Punjabi family my parents always had big dreams for me and my two sisters. From very young age we were taught to dream and dream big. “Aim for the moon to reach the sky” is what my father always told me I took this a bit seriously. In school I always …

1 month ago

Indo Western Ways of Styling a Cotton Sarees

It took me a long time to fall in love with six yards of beauty, i.e. cotton sarees in general. And the moment I got comfortable wearing and restyling them, I kept trying new ways to style them acc…

Jayanta Ghadei
2 months ago

Life in 2020

As the year 2020 started, no one would have wondered that anything like this can happen in life. Literally, nobody would have ever dreamt of Covid-19. By God’s grace, I & my family are safe. But in this situation what really gets affected is the mental health of a person especially seeing the news and …

Jayshree Bhagat
2 months ago

Easy and Trendy Mehendi Design for Teej | Teej 2020 Mehndi Designs

Monsoon season brings the festival of Teej. Teej marks the very popular festival amongst the married woman in the parts of Northern India. Married women celebrate this auspicious festival by applying beautiful Mehendi designs in their hands and feet. Mehndi is also known as and is the most essential part of any Hindu occasions. [READ:…

Amit Kumar
5 months ago

Sujata Ghosh – Indian Model in Singapore

           Sujata Ghosh is an aspiring model of Indian ethnicity based in Singapore. She recently participated in a photo shoot indoors and shares her thoughts with yours news. We hope her…

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