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Deepansh Khurana
16 hours ago

Here’s Why I’m A Reducetarian Or Weekday Vegetarian

I love animals. I love meat. Welcome to the dilemma that is my life or at least, the one it was. I have found the middle ground. Thanks to a TED talk and a wonderful movement called Reducetarianism…

Hina Gujral
1 day ago

Chilli Paneer Recipe - Fun FOOD and Frolic

This Chilli Paneer recipe is quick and easy to make, and perfect for parties and quick weeknight dinners! Find how to make chilli paneer

Shrinidhi Hande
9 hours ago

Plantain Leaf Pure Veg Restaurant at Evolve Back Coorg

Plantain Leaf Pure Veg Restaurant at Evolve Back Coorg

Madraasi Deepa
18 hours ago

Eggless Mango Pancake recipe / Mango Pancake recipe / Eggless Pancake recipe

I am sharing this recipe with a heavy heart, as the mango season is almost over, with my last set of mangoes. Usually my family loves pancake to the core, and also, it’s been a great and quick brea…

Vasantha Vivek
1 day ago

Product Review : Happiness Is Good Health – SIM Organics Moringa Powder

In recent times, we have made many changes in our food and lifestyle. Moringa Powder is becoming more popular due to its many beneficiary health effects.

Indrajit Lahiri
1 day ago

Mumbai food quest

Mohamushkil travels for mumbai food (as a regular tourist) and an epic food trip starts.

1 day ago

Food on my mind

I like food – most kinds, as long as it is vegetarian, since I gave up meat over a decade ago. So basically I am grateful for all kinds of food, home-made, store-bought, gourmet, roadside all…

शाही रबडी / Homemade Shahi Rabdi / Shahi Rabri

(How to make Instant Homemade Shahi Rabri  / अब घर बनाए हलवाई जैसी शाही रबरी ) Hello Everyone, Rabri is the layers of Malai and tas...

2 days ago

Eggless mango muffins recipe

Eggless Mango muffins recipe – moist and fluffy cupcakes made with freshly pureed mangoes and whole wheat flour baked at 180 degrees for just 20 minutes

1 day ago

Hawkers’ Menu – Mamagoto

Safe to say I hadn’t seen a place like this in the city when Mamagoto opened up in Bangalore back in 2014. The uniqueness starts with its amazing interiors comprising of vibrant and fun asian art. The bright yellow door ushers you in, and while it does seem like a back-door entrance, you’ll be in …

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