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Pujor Khabar listicle: #DurgaPujo 2018 (with pocket pinch)!

Here I am with my Pujor Khabar 2018 listicle. What to eat, whaere to eat, what will be the pocket pinch and the special begnali delicacies!

15 hours ago

Arbi (in curd gravy)

Taro root is popularly known as Arbi or Ghuiyan in hindi. Arbi is a popular and versatile vegetable; it is mushy and fleshy in texture and it is slightly sweet and nutty in taste. Various types of …

1 day ago

Shalgam Ke Kebab | Vegan Turnip Chops [Video]

Shalgam ke Kebab or Turnip Chops are crumb coated pan fried patties made from fresh seasonal turnips and mashed potatoes, flavored with spices

Oven Roasted Potato Wedges

I have a confession to make: I LOVE POTATO WEDGES and FRIES. Can't do away with them despite all my efforts and then I heard a wise man say: Eat everything you want, just cook it at home.. I did just that! I started making potato wedges at home. Making them at home means I have all the room to experiment with flavors! These crispy and delicious oven roasted potato wedges are rubbed with a garam masala and cumin spice mix and roasted with aromatic curry leaves. Next I am thinking some

Palate's Desire
1 day ago

Brinjal Fry | Eggplant Fry Recipe

Brinjal fry is easy, simple, delicious and crisp rava pan fried recipe .Learn how to make this delicious low calorie semolina egg plant fry from scratch

Nisha Sharma
1 day ago

Navratri Thali : Makhana kadhi, Samak Pulao & Pesto Paneer

And the Navratri fasting continues…. Since the options are limited during fasts, you need to innovate more than usual. J Here’s the highlight of today’s meal: Makhana Kadhi (Foxnut-potato cur…

Dipali Bhasin
1 day ago

A Must – Have Recipe On Ashtami : Sookhe Kale Chane (Dried Black Chickpeas)

It was on the eighth day of Navratri or Ashtami, that the divine weapons were worshipped by the Gods and handed over to Ma Durga to annihilate Mahishasura, the buffalo-faced demon. This is the reas…

Rohit Dassani
1 day ago

Wining & Dining at Salvadores

Salvadores is a vintage fine dining restaurant serving French cuisine and wine from all over the world, read the complete review by Rohit Dassani

2 days ago

Kuttu ka Cheela

Call it Cheela/ Parantha/ Dosa, but this Kuttu ka Cheela is perfect and easiest to make,especially during fasts.If having a problem in making Kuttu Poori

23 hours ago

Farali French Fries | Vrat Ke French Fries | Rajgira Flour French Fries | Navratri Meal Plan Day 3

Farali french fries are crunchy, crispy, and deep fried snack to make on fasting days. Perfect to have with tea and kids after school snack.

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