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Madraasi Deepa
1 day ago

Thatte Idli Recipe / Karnataka Special Thatte Idly recipe / Bidadi Thatte Idli recipe

It was few months back when were on the way to Mysore, got to knew that Bidadi is famous for their Thatte Idly, so this time it was my must to do in list and finally got to taste the thatte idly. T…

Arshia Ali
1 day ago

गाजर का अचार रेसिपी इन हिंदी – Carrot Pickle Recipe in Hindi

गाजर की तरह ही गाजर का अचार भी सेहत के लिए फायदेमंद होता है, साथ ही टेस्‍टी भी। आप भी हमारी स्‍पेशल गाजर का अचार रेसिपी नोट करें और आज ही इसे ट्राई करें।

Jhilmil Bhansali
10 hours ago

5 nutritious Winter foods for li’l fussy eaters!

Out of ideas how to make kids eat nutritious foods in winters? Here are some ideas that will help you make your kid eat healthy and kids will relish.

Making of BAHUBALI Sandwich | BIGGEST CHEESE SANDWICH in Mumbai 👈 Click & SUBSCRIBE To Our YouTube Channel #couplethateatstogether ———————————————— About this video : Hey guys we are back with anothe...

Nipun Bajaj
2 days ago

Thank you Pizza Hut

Undefined is the Limit. Nipun Bajaj. This is about my experiences.

Lakshmi & Gautham
2 days ago

Whole Wheat Penne Pasta with Cheese and Mushrooms- Recipe

As we were on a weight loss regime I wanted to make something healthy yet interesting and that’s how I bought these beautiful whole penne pasta.

Treat and Trick
1 day ago


Soft and chewy Oatmeal  Cranberry Cookies  has swirls of cranberries throughout.  substantial texture and goodness of oatmeal. Everyo...

Niska ni
1 day ago

Peshawri: Savour the mouth-watering Indian subcontinent food in Jaipur

Jaipur is undoubtedly the city of Royals and you will never be disappointed by the food too in the City of Royals. There are so many good restaurants in Jaipur but if you are looking for some sumptuous authentic Indian subcontinent food in a luxury restau

Pooja Khanna
2 days ago

Classic Mac and Cheese

My first introduction to cheese was with Macaroni as a child. Being an Indian, Mac and cheese was a treat for me and was never a comfort food. Even today, I can’t refuse to another serving of Mac and cheese, if its made velvety, and creamy. You might find it silly, but making the perfect Mac and che

इन्द्रहर की कढ़ी indian recipes, 

इन्द्रहर की कढ़ी indian recipes, ५० ग्राम छिलका रहित मूंग दाल , ५० ग्राम छिलका रहित उड़द दाल , ५० ग्राम छिलका रहित मसूर की दाल , ५० ग्राम चना की दाल , चारों दालों को मिक्स करके के लगभग एक लीटर पानी में फुला दो ,

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