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Ishani Nath
8 hours ago

Cucumber Curry Cooked with Lentils (Moong Dal)

Cucumbers are one of the most widely available vegetables during summer. Its available in the market throughout the year but it’s most beneficial during summer season. From yummy dishes to DIY masks as anti-tan toContinue reading

Remya Ramdas
1 day ago

Molushyam to Macher Kalia – My Food Story

Food I have realized is a big part of who you are..Not just literally but metaphorically as well! I am not a foodie. I am just your regular will-eat –what’s –served person. So for the longest time …

19 hours ago

Traditional Indian Food Contest Entry V - Sukhadi!

KEEP SMILING Experiences of My Life, As a person, parent & A Mom.

Ruby Pathak
2 days ago

Organic Mango And Banana Smoothie Treat

Organic Mango And Banana Smoothie Treat Recipe Type: Fruit Fusion Cuisine: Indian Author: Ruby Pathak Prep time: 15 mins Total time: 15 mins Serves: 2-3 How do you choose to feed your kid with seasonal fruits ? We surely know the benefits and the natural sweet taste they love. But next time try to buy the organic fruits instead to taste yourself and see the real difference. Yes, these mangoes and bananas are exceptionally delicious and is available in our market in so many varieties. So

1 day ago

Peach Preserve | Himalayan Peach Preserve

     Flower-filled meadows, bird songs, fruit-laden trees, and salubrious clime is what summer is all about in our hills. Hills ar...

Breakfast Poha Upma or Atukula Upma Recipe In Telugu | Recipe Friday!!!!

Please help me reach 200 subscribers. In this video, you will learn how to make poha upma or atukula upma in telugu. Please share if you care. Welcome to Apa...

Kanika Samra
1 day ago

Karari Bhindi

Bhindi or Okra is a summer staple in India. It can be cooked in many different ways, one of which is this recipe for a crisp okra.

Kala Ravi
21 hours ago

Plan your trendy kitchen #GFTR2018

Relax-N-Rave. Thoughts, Words and Fun.

Praveen Kumar
1 day ago

Muskmelon Juice

Muskmelon Juice is a definite thirst quencher during the hot summer and contains vital nutrients that the body needs. Serve chilled for optimum taste.

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