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Vidhi Duggal
15 hours ago

5 Tips to Teach Kids About How to Save Water

Water is the most important resource and kids love to play with water. However, in this natural tendency, they tend to waste a lot of water. It is important to take necessary steps around their pla…

rupali kadam
21 hours ago

Bottle feeding Basics for baby

  Breastfeeding is extremely important for  new born baby  and it’s recommended by doctors to exclusively breastfeed infant for first 6 months . As breast milk is unique and super combination of necessary vitamins , proteins , fats for baby and it cannot be replaced with any other available food. …

Nabanita Dhar
21 hours ago

How To Be A Calm Mom? #MommyTalks

How To Be A Calm Mom #MommyTalks Let's talk about that today. #motherhood #momlife

Home Remedies to Treat Low Iron in Kids

1. Give Apple-Beetroot Juice:  Apple is loaded with iron and various other friendly components. Beetroot, on the other hand, has high amounts of folic acid and high quantities of potassium and fibe…

My Small World Of Happiness

Is All About Things Which Makes Me happy In My Life Penned Down From the Core Of The heart.

Neha Tambe
1 day ago

Stop making rape a matter of entertainment

Child rape or rape is not just limited to twisted mentality, it is becoming a tool of propaganda and vendetta. As a mother I am sick of this horrific mentality. Sadly media, political parties, policy makers and we citizens too are facilitating this mentality, knowingly or unknowingly

Vidya Sury
1 day ago

Made by Raffi #BookReview

Inspired by a true-life incident, Made By Raffi is the story of a little boy who likes to knit and sew -- at first he is teased for his hobby, but in the end he becomes a hero to his class.

Vidya Sury
1 day ago

Parenting without Pressure #WednesdayWisdom

A retired teacher and a corporate executive lived next to each other. Both had gardens. The retired teacher watered the plants gently when required while the executive was enthusiastically looked after the plants, constantly parenting them, attending to them at every little opportunity. The gardens flourished. The teacher’s plants were doing well, but the executive’s plants were remarkably lush and greener.  Every one who passed by stopped to admire and praise it. Then, one night, there was

Belly bytes
1 day ago

Earth Day – Teach the child and save the world

Children often convince their parents to change.

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