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Rohini Vij
1 day ago

Raza Meets the King | Story for Kids | NutSpace

Raza's father Rahmat Khan is the royal tailor to none other than the great Mughal emperor Akbar. When they go to the palace to deliver the Emperor's new summ...

Shalini Chaturvedi
22 hours ago

Perks Of Sporting A Baby Bump

"Get out of the way! It's an emergency. We have a pregnant lady in the house and she needs to get to her gigantic bowl of salad right no...

Ganesh Kamble
1 day ago

How To Track & Monitor Smartphone

This Blog Are Share Computer Related Notes For Education Purpose.

Apeksha Gupta
1 day ago

How to be a Calmer Parent?

We often find ourselves frustrated as a parent with the excessive whining of our kids. We tend to get angry on them and regret later. This is a definitive guide on How to be a Calmer Parent and how to handle such situations.

1 day ago

Teething : Signs And Symptoms of A Teething Baby

There are many signs associated with teething. It is important for us to identify those signs and help our poor babies. Here is what you need to know about teething.

2 days ago

Pets : Birds : Green Cheek Conure

Dushtu in Bengali is 'naughty' and Mr. Green Cheek Conure lives up to its name. The bird loves to socialize and is a charm. Often mistaken to be a parrot or ...

Deepa Garwa
2 days ago

Can You Really Survive A Teenager?

When you have teenagers of your own, you realise how bad your parents had it! surviving teenage kids is an art and trust me it's not easy. If you too have a teenager at home, come on, let's ride and read this together!

1 day ago

First Trimester of Pregnancy & What to Expect

First Trimester of Pregnancy & What to Expect. First Trimester of Pregnancy: What to Expect. From cravings to breasts tenderness.

Mandavi Jaiswal
2 days ago

I Want to Become the BEST Version of Myself in the Year 2018

It’s not that every year I don’t make a list of resolutions. But this year is a bit different. While everybody else is busy building their resolution list, my resolution is summed up in just one li…

Sanjay Mukherjee
3 days ago

Extraordinary Ordinary People: Sharad Chandra Kapoor

It was 1979. We were in Jeevan Shanti LIC Colony in Santacruz, Bombay. My world was defined by the Juhu area (where I went to school), and Santacruz, where I lived with my parents and sister. To be…

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