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Bikramjit Konwar
8 hours ago

Therapeutic dosage of curcumin or turmeric for health alignments as per recommended guideline

We have listed here therapeutic dosage of curcumin or turmeric for health alignments as per recommended guideline...Curcumin to turmeric weight percentage..

5 hours ago

Running Gear For Beginners

Are you planning to become a runner? Then male sure to invest in some running gear to avoid injuries and make it smooth.

17 hours ago

10 Tips to Minimize Allergy Symptoms

Allergy season is torture when you suffer from serious, chronic allergies. It's difficult to find treatment that helps, and you often can't help the allergens you come into contact with.

Sheetal Mhaske
22 hours ago

Now Stay Hygienic and Worry-Free with Peebuddy’s Travel Hygiene Kit for Her (Product Review)

Rainy season is here! It’s time to hit the muddy road, get drenched yourself in rain, have a hot cuppa of tea and stay worry-free! Oh, did I just say worry-free? Is it even possible to stay worry-free and hygienic when especially you have your periods on? I know we girls have tons of worries…

1 day ago

How to Solve Anxiety Without Prescription Drugs

In order to get to the root of anxiety, it's important to avoid prescription drugs and actually address the issue at hand. This can be done naturally and effectively using tips and strategies like these.

Harshada Adarkar
19 hours ago

Welcome to Getting Fit With Cakes

A weight loss journey of an aspiring pastry chef! On my journey of becoming a FIT pastry chef and learning the real meaning of “Happiness comes from within!”

usha srikumar
1 day ago

The power of positive psychology

Did you know that at Harvard, one of the most prestigious universities in the world, the most popular and successful course teaches you...

1 day ago

A simple,effective and external remedy for joint pain and knee pain(mutti vali)

Joint pain and knee pain(mutti vali in tamil) can be easily treated at home using home remedies. This remedy uses just two simple ingredients which are readily available. It is simple to prepare.This is an external application. Please don’t drink it. Ingredients: Calotropis gigantea/ crown flower plant leaves (erukkam ilai in tamil)-3 nos. Water-2 litres …

Parag Solanki
1 day ago

Healthy Ingredients

Healthy Ingredients - Millets are basically small-seeded hardy grasses that can be easily grown in dry areas. These are rich in nutritional content

Dr Ajay Yadav
2 days ago

Homeopathy Remedies for Atherosclerosis

A blog about Homeopathy,skin ,Hair and beauty , use of homeopathy in various condition .

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