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धुआं धुआं!

एक - उस समय पेड़-पत्ती कॉर्बनडाइओक्ससाईड छोड़ रहे होते हैं और हमें हाई ब्लड प्रेशर हाइपरटेंशन और अस्थमा की शिकायत है। डॉक्टर की अड्वाइज़ है कि आसमान में हल्की लालिमा के दर्शन होते ही निकल लें। यो

1 day ago

Bruised and Battered; Still Going Strong: Tribals in India

Tribals or 'adivasis' to most of us are primitive Neanderthal savages living in a forest, devoid of any civilization, progress or development. Some find them exotic, some fascinating, some disgusting. Rarely do we see them on the news; rarely do we care to see them on the news.

1 day ago

Child Sex Abuse: A Sin Silently Eating Childhood Away

Apart from nature's wonders, what gives me intense happiness is a sight of a baby's smile which leaves me with depths of benevolence and rejuvenation. This is the reason why I feel exasperated beyond measure whenever I come across stories where the soul of the 'childhood' was crushed and tormented through devilish acts of sexual gratification and was forced to grow feeble with haunting memories and endless agony.

The 10 Most Powerful Women In The World

What does it mean to be powerful? What does it feel like to have a massive influence on the world? These women can not only answer these questions, but also provide a good example of what global leaders should be like - and what women from all countries in the globe can accomplish.

5 Strategies To Become A Successful Female Leader

Since the beginning of mankind, the difference between the two sexes has always been highlighted in different manners. If in the past women were extremely disadvantaged compared men, the present time shows us how the inequality between sexes does no longer exist. At least...not in the way it was before.

ritu sharma
3 days ago

Heart wants what it wants!💔

Why is it that people gets attracted towards those who are not at all interested in them?? Why is it that heart wants what is most difficult to achieve. Why we don't respect the person who is already in love with us? Why don't we give our attention to those who cares a lot for us.

Vir Vinod Chhabra
3 days ago

भूतनी के छाबड़ा जी....

वीर विनोद छाबड़ा ज्ञानी-ध्यानी कह गए हैं पाप से घृणा करो पापी से नहीं। लेकिन इसके बावजूद कुछ लोग कभी दुरुस्त नहीं होते। क्यूंकि उनका ...

3 days ago

Did you know the Big Tuesday (The Bada Mangal) is a Hindu festival started by Muslims?

Lucknow is a beautiful city. The place is all about of rich culture, grand architecture, aromatic cuisine and warm people. It's a big town with a sprinkle of old-world charm. Even if you haven't visited the city of Awadh, you must have heard about the delicious Tunday-Kebab of old Lucknow, traditional embroidery style of Chikankari, outsized historical monuments like Imambara, and tehzeeb( etiquette) of Lucknowites.

2 days ago

2 Seconds with Thalaivar Rajini!

திடீர் என்று தலைவரை சந்திக்கும் (பார்க்கும்) வாய்ப்புக் கிடைத்தது. ரசிகர்கள் பலரில் ஒருவனாக நேற்று (திங்கள்) கலந்து கொண்டேன். அதோடு அங்கு நிலவும் நடைமுறை சிக்கல்களையும் உணர முடிந்தது. ஒ

Mansi Mittal
2 days ago

How To Damage Your Child's Self-Esteem

Parenting is beautiful. There can never be anything so magical and beautiful than watching your baby grow. But it comes with its own challenges. We, as parents always want the best for our child. Confidence, positive attitude towards life and high self-esteem are the best gifts we can give to our kids.

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