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kalaa shree
1 day ago

Divorce/Talak Ka Kids Ki social, mental and physical health Par Affect

Divorce yani talak naam hi bahut bura hai. Talak aajkal bahut common ho gaya hai. Aaj kal male aur female me sahan karne ki power bilkul khatam ho gayi hai.

Impact Of Divorce On Social, Mental, And Physical State Of Children #divorce

Impact of divorce is not that harmful if taken timely and wisely if there is no alternative. It is better to live in an environment that is stress free.

3 days ago

Make Your Own Triumph Over Evil Around You. Happy Deepavali

Deepavali or Diwali is the festival, most celebrated in India. Dasara is the triumph of


Though there is consensus that we all should highly abide by ‘Law of Land’, there is also an agreement that unjust law exists . The only...

5 days ago

Incessant rains in Hyderabad! Bring happiness and distress!

Rain, RAIN, On all days, Since 15 days! Some are enjoying! Some are suffering, Due to inundations, And traffic complic...

Abhisek Nayak
1 week ago

Going Through Stress

This blog is about the stuff written by Abhisek Nayak which will make you think about the things,we usually don't think.

Titas Biswas
1 week ago

Exclusive Interview of Film Director Kavitha Lankesh

Gauri Lankesh,Gauri Lankesh Patrike,Kavitha Lankesh,Interview,Gauri Lankesh Murder,Why was Gauri Lankesh murdered,Fascism in the rise in India

Arvind Passey
1 week ago


Evig, let me say without a preamble, is the word ‘give’ inverted. It is saner than its cousin ‘give’ and far less cocky. Giving is great but is intimidating when announced with intent to benefit be…

VIshal V. Kale
1 week ago

Snehwan - Placing Community Above Self

Snehwan - a single man's dream to contribute

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