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Sakshi Raina
3 days ago

How Storytelling Inspires Generations

What's your story? Share it with the world!

3 days ago

वो चार लोग

(PC - Pixabay.com) वो चार लोग जब से होश संभाला है , जानती हूँ उन्हे मिली हूँ पर मिली नहीं , देखा हैं पर देखा भी नहीं पड़ो...

Titas Biswas
3 days ago

8 Photographs That Depict the Slow yet Steady Rise of a Fundamentalist,Fascist Regime in India

An intellectual space for all people in support of welfare.

Saba irfan
4 days ago

Sheesha- a tabboo or trend?

21st century and the rapidly progressing society! The most versatile generation in the human history. The generation that have acquired almost everything in the least amount of time and is striving…

Varta Trust
4 days ago

Match-making between dating and disabilities

My Story, Feb '18 Ishan Chakraborty narrates his experience of attending an innovative meet-up in Kolkata that aimed to help people with disabilities find friends and dates...

Rahul Bhatia
4 days ago

Raising Boys

There is so much talk about ' Raising the Girl Child',' Giving her Wings to Fly' and ' Educating the Girl Child' but one seldom hears ab...

Garima Bhaskar
4 days ago

Why can’t we handle sad people?

This isn’t something I write about every day, but these thoughts cross my mind too often. There are people around me who on hearing the words depression, anxiety act as if its a ghost, they d…

Nalini Malaviya
4 days ago

Art Offers Hope To Artist Stricken With Cancer

Kartikey Sharma's inspirational story of living with cancer and finding hope and solace in art Rated among the best graffiti artists in India, Kartikey Sharma was directing artists to paint at Sunburn, while on the other hand, he was waiting for his next session of chemotherapy. His is a story of grit and determination, fighting last stage cancer with paints and a brush for 2 years now.

Maria Antonysamy
5 days ago


No of pages    285 Published by   Westland Publications Ltd Published on    2017 Genre  YA Action Crime Thriller Booklinks   Goo...

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