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Mohit Chaudhary
9 months ago

Laptop battery is not charging in Window 7/8/10

Are you grappling with laptop power problem? Your laptop battery is not charging, but your charger is in good condition.Here is how to solve this problem.

Mohit Chaudhary
9 months ago

How to use pen drive as a RAM

We all use pen drive for data transfer, but we can also use pen drive as a RAM. It increases system performance, so you do not need to spend money for RAM.

Siddhant Jain
9 months ago

Best Smartphones Under Rs. 10000 January 2019

Find out the best smartphones under Rs. 10,000 from brands like Xiaomi, Asus, Infini and Realme. This list of best budget smartphones is regularly updated.

Jitendra Chaturvedi
9 months ago

Smart Ways To Handle Camera Monitoring System

There are different approaches used today for monitoring of spy cameras, nanny cam, and every type of hidden cameras known. Monitoring your spy camera is

10 months ago

How to Disable Keyboard or Mouse in Notebook or Mac

If you are going to clean your computer or use it on a desk with external devices, it may be a good idea to disable keyboard or mouse on your notebook or Mac

9 months ago

US vs China - Embedded code vs Embedded chips

This article provides information on globalization impact and how China becomes ruthless powered incoming age. Spy adds more spicy moment...

9 months ago

Commercial Solar is more attractive for small entrepreneurs in India

Learn and understand the parameters which make commercial solar more attractive in India.

9 months ago

Five Simple Fixes for Most Computer Problems

Best blogging tips, SEO, Incredible SEO tips, Blogging, Internet Tips

9 months ago

What's next for India - Peninsular country has a next big thing

Nothing is great until it is identified India - a country of an intense population where demand and supply change dramatically, clim...

Ganesh Kamble
9 months ago

Setup Pi Zero W For HID Backdoor Using P4wnP1 [Hindi] By TechChip

This Blog Are Share Computer Related Tutorials For Education Purpose.

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