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Deepa Sai P R
2 weeks ago

The micro-level factors affecting disability in the Bangalore slums.

Understanding the various micro-level factors that affect disability in slums.

Syed Muksit Rahman
2 weeks ago

105 Couples Tie The Knot In Kashmir, A Mass Marriage Initiated To Save People From Huge Debts

In Kashmir Valley, many people opt for marriages that are arranged by their parents and, due to financial problems.

Simple and easy way to boost Indian economy.

Worth reading for every Indian. You will be surprised to know how an ordinary man can improve the economy of his Nation with a simple action.

Babit Kumar
2 weeks ago

Rakhi Bumper Ne banaya Crorepati इस दिहाड़ीदार व्यक्ति को

Rakhi Bumper Ne banaya Crorepati, rakhi bumper result 2018 का निकला इनाम, मनोज कुमार बने crorepati इस lucky draw में इस साल

Vivek Kumar Jha
1 month ago

Observing people around us -Poor Children- Part 1 - Vivpost

Ever seen a child collecting trash at railway stations or roads? Just observe the smile on his/her face when he/she finds a plastic bottle or some important(for him) items. Ever seen a child beggar at traffic signals asking for food or money?

Vivek Kumar Jha
1 month ago


The population is the reason for poverty or poverty is the reason for the population? The answer resides here, The Population increasing because of poverty or poverty increasing because of the population.

Pratik Joshi
1 month ago

९ सिलिंडर की १२ सिलिंडर?

Recently, Pradhanmantri Ujjwala Yojana Target completed by Narendra Modi government. My article on the same.

3 months ago

Should the Homeless Own Pets?

Illness in the family and other stressors have slowed this blog down. I miss chatting with everyone on the blog and on social media, but need to cut down on time spent online. Yesterday, on a break and during a quick browse on the net, I came across this article in the Guardian about a few homeless

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