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Vimala Ramu
2 weeks ago


It was one hell of a dull day, both weather-wise and my mood-wise. My stomach was still troubling me with spasms of acute pain after massive upset two days earlier. I was feeling terribly weak with…

Biswanath Kar
2 days ago

Thousands of Refugee Children Are Stranded on Europe

Letter From An Unknown boy, Poetry

பொதிந்து கிடந்த புன்னகை

ஆங்கிலப் பள்ளியில் அடிவாங்கும் குழந்தை அழுகிறது…. அம்மா வென்று

Bikash Ch
1 month ago

This Vlog by Emirates Cabin Crew Will Give you New Perspective on Poverty

Recently I have been watching many videos on Bangladesh by volggers (Video Bloggers). I am in one way a travel buff but due to some limit...

Sita Mary Thomas
2 months ago

The Shadowed Ones-1

They stay in the shadows. Always. Unnoticed. Unheard. They peep into our lives, do their job and leave without a trace. W...

Partha Sadhukhan
2 months ago

India is creating a generation of malnourished and weak males

Feminists demand that giving more food to boys is gender discrimination against girls and this is creating a generation of weak males. A 2017 report of National Nutrition Monitoring Bureau reveals …

Dr Roshan R
2 months ago

The medical student saving the village that India forgot #SaveRajghat

Meet Ashwani Parashar, the 22 year old medical student who is doing more than any Indian today to save Rajghat, the village that India forgot.

3 months ago

Begging: A Racket For a Business

Root Cause Behind Begging Why people beg is a serious topic in every undeveloped nation? People in these nations always think about this question, however, none of us thinks of the root cause of th…

Chandan Bais
3 months ago

मेहनत पर शायरी :- उद्यम और श्रम का महत्व बताता शायरी संग्रह

मेहनत पर शायरी :- उद्यम और श्रम का महत्व बताता शायरी संग्रह। जिसे पढ़ कर आपके अन्दर एक ऐसा जोश भर जाएगा जो आपको मेहनत करने के लिए प्रेरित करेगा।

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