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Avinash Mishra
12 hours ago

Capture Screenshot: How Selenium WebDriver Takes Screenshot?

Once upon a time, I was a manual functional tester. So, I had to keep proof of all the testing activities in the form of screenshots. Functional testing was quite simple to do with ease, but, takin…

Vinish Kapoor
6 days ago

How to Generate Create Table Script in Toad Oracle?

A step by step example is given to generate CREATE TABLE script in Toad for Oracle.

Shamik Mitra
1 day ago

A Study on config server |Spring Boot | Microservice architecture in Bengali |Ask2Shamik

#Ask2Shamik Presents A study on config server architecture What is Config server? Why is it needed in Microservice? How it's work internally? How to reflects...

Hemant Joshi
1 day ago


Call for Code competition is an IBM initiative in partnership with United Nations, David Clark Cause and the Linux Foundation, to use latest technologies for natural disaster preparedness and relief. It is a call to unite the developers across the globe to solve the issues caused by natural disasters.

Vinish Kapoor
5 days ago

How to Extract DDL Statements From Oracle Dump Using Toad?

This article is about, how to extract DDL statements from Oracle Dump using Toad, convert DMP file to SQL, generate DDL from an export dump.

Sai Kumar K
6 days ago

Coping events from one JavaScript Element to another JavaScript Element

Problem Statement We need to bind specific events like click, onchange of one element to another element due to there could be a situation where we cannot access the methods which are calling an event handler of …

Vinish Kapoor
1 week ago

How to Create Foreign Key in Oracle SQL Developer?

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a Foreign Key constraint in Oracle SQL Developer.

Java methods | Method declaration | Calling methods in Java

Learn Java methods, method declaration, types of methods, and how to call the methods in Java from main? with practical example and programs in an easy way.

Nirmalya Ghosh
1 week ago

8 Necessary Things You Should Implement to Improve Website Performance

The behavior when we search for any term on the Internet is well studied. If

Vinish Kapoor
1 week ago

MongoDB Compass Insert Document Example

An example is given in this article, to insert a document in MongoDB using Compass GUI (graphical user interface) tool.

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