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Sachin Sharma
4 days ago

How To Write Named Parameterized Query In Java

To prevent SQL Injection we should right parameterized query. In java, we can write parameterized query using PreparedStatement Interface. But, this interface supports passing parameter to the query only by index, not by name. Let's take a look at how we can create our custom NamedPreparedStatement in which we can pass parameters by name and create named parameterized queries.

Karan Arora
1 week ago

Change the UI of Pentaho

how to change the UI of Welcome Page of PDI

Sanjay Kamath
5 days ago

Techgig - MS Sql Assessment  is a gold mine for Indian Techies where you can get your grey cells working, and brush up on your concepts too ......

Swati Singh
1 week ago

Command Prompt Tricks : 11 Useful Commands You Must Know

The command prompt is not as dull and boring as it looks like. If we know these 1 command prompt tricks we can make it so much interesting to use. Let's see how these awesome tricks work and how they can help make the command prompt a better place.

Ghanendra Yadav
1 week ago

C++ Program for Priority Scheduling Algorithm (Non Preemptive)

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6 days ago

Branching and Merging in Git

This tutorial explains about Basic Branching and Merging in Git. Also, explained with the simple example that How to Integrate Branches in git, how you can resolve conflicts.

Aadil Bandi
1 week ago

How To Download FTP Files in WordPress [Beginner’s Guide]

As we know, downloading FTP details in WordPress is not an easy task even for professional Wordpress developers. There are many hurdles which you have to get over before downloading FTP files. Here in this blog below, I'll show you the ways to download FTP files in WordPress.

1 week ago


We have learned in the last tutorial, about Reference Variable in PHP. Now, we will discuss operators in PHP. PHP Operators: Simple answer can be given using

1 week ago

Excel Insert Button is Disabled – Greyed Out – How To Enable It?

Option to enable Insert button or option in Excel. Sometimes this option gets greyed out or disappears. User wont be able to insert row or column. Try this option to Enable it back

Solomon David
1 week ago

5 Best Matrimonial PHP Script to Setup Your Own Matrimony Website

Matrimonial PHP Script Helps you set up your own Matrimony website, if you are looking for the best matrimonial PHP script then you are in the right place, I have listed and handpicked some of

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