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3 days ago

Game of Thrones Meets Dushyant Kumar

When Game of Thrones meets the great Hindi Poet Dushyant Kumar उनके लिए जिन्हे गेम ऑफ़ थ्रोन्स या हिंदी कविता से प्यार है. हिम और ज्वाला का गीत, दुष्यंत कुमार के शब्दों में ...

Alka Gurha
3 days ago

The Big Fight

A personal blog - mostly reflective, sometimes contemplative but always tongue-in-cheek.

Savita Shetty
5 days ago

Mothers of the Other World!

I am in absolute awe of these ‘mothers’ of the ‘other’ world. By other world, I mean the Ad world. One thing common about these mothers shown in the Ad world is, — they all are great, simply …

5 days ago

Atypical(Netflix) Review

Atypical is netflix's latest show about a kid who is on the autism spectrum who is out to find love. Is it entertaining or does it bore you with its emotional drama? Read to find out

1 week ago


Not Only a Pregnancy,Even a Caring Heart Defines a Mother Vicks #TouchOfCare: This ad is based on a true story. This ad has real...

Sonu Kumar Puri
6 days ago

Why everyone should watch my favourite tv shows?

Why everyone should watch my favourite tv shows? watch tv series, tv shows to watch, best tv series. Hope so you will like the tv shows.

Paras Shah
1 week ago

4 Game Of Thrones Endings You Never Thought Of

Game of Thrones is the most talked about TV show. Read here 4 Game of Thrones Endings You Never Thought Of at this best entertainment blog

Murtaza Ali
1 week ago

Planet Earth II, Episode 1: 'Islands' Review

After captivating the viewers globally, Planet Earth II has come to India.

Murtaza Ali
2 weeks ago

Emmy nominated shows available on Hotstar

A list of Emmy nominated shows currently streaming on Star Network’s popular streaming platform Hotstar.

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