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The Forbidden Knowledge

The Forbidden Knowledge- How close can we get to understand reality?

Vinayak Pattar
3 days ago

The Ultimate Secret Of Water diseases importance

When I see this old textbook image which shows the death pumping water, this is perfect image to perceptual importance of the safe wat...

Sandip Roy
3 days ago

Self-Compassion: Most Underutilized Secret To Happiness

Self-compassion is one of most important predictors of satisfaction in life. Once you grow your self-compassion, you will inevitably make yourself happier.

Sandip Roy
5 days ago

How To Fight Back Depression

Can we say that a mindfulness approach is almost as good as antidepressant therapy to prevent a reappearance of depression?

Yeti The White Crab - One Of The Rarest Species In The Sea

If we talk about rare species Yeti is one of those rare sea creature which is a white crab which was found in year 2005.

Mamta Sharma
6 days ago

How to Keep a Life Balance in the Age of Smart Technologies

In this technology age, you need to learn how to create a balanced lifestyle in which technology doesn’t soak your time, attention, and energy.

Sandip Roy
1 week ago

New Findings On Empathy

Empathy has been found to be associated with a positive wellbeing, and positive relations with others, across a wide age range, from 10 to 87 years of age.

Hena Jose
1 week ago

The healing power of Menstrual blood: it's no longer a curse !

Periods which people around looked down can turn into a boon to you and your genetically related family members. Did you knew that Stem cells in menstrual blood have similar properties as the stem cells in Umbilical cord blood and Bone marrow.

Sandip Roy
2 weeks ago

The Happiness Salesmen

These guys sell happiness at workplaces. They have strong science-backed arguments. By the time they leave, they have a plum happiness coaching contract.

Sandip Roy
3 weeks ago

5 Reasonable Ways To Be Optimistic

Having an optimistic attitude is a choice you can make today. Do these 5 things and you will be well on your way to higher levels of optimism and happiness.

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