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Pranayam + Meditation – Medical Science’s point of view

Why Pranayam + Meditation are necessary from the Medical Science’s point of view ? From the time of the birth till death the heart works continuously. Everyday the heart pumps 7000 litres of blood, of which 70% blood is pumped to the brain and the remaining 30% to the rest of body. How does the …

2 weeks ago

Forest Research Institute’s Architecture – A Photo Tour

A vibrant photo tour Dehradun Forest Research Institute's Architecture.This prestigious Indian monument is part of our National Heritage.

Akash Ranjan
1 month ago

Scientific reasons behind Dreams

For centuries people are wondering, what is dream? Many people showed their curious interest in interpreting scientific reasons behind dreams.

arun pancholi
3 weeks ago

मर्द रात में लाइट जलाकर क्यों सोते है, रिसर्च में हुए ऐसे खुलासे

Study reveals adults afraid sleeping alone at night, dark night, research reveals men afraid in dark, women are more coward than men, weird news, bizarre

Manoj Kumar
1 month ago

Why Do We Have Bad Breath in the Morning?

Why Do I Have Bad Breath in the Morning? Read On TechsandGeeks, It goes by many names: "kitty breath," "puppy breath," "dragon breath," and even "morning mouth stink." No matter what you call it, most people suffer from morning breath at one time or another.

Sriram Acharya
1 month ago

Less Known Science: The Curious Case of Rh Negative- Part 1

Most of us know about the blood types in Humans. A little less known fact is that a total of 35 human blood group systems are now recognised by the International Society of Blood Transfusion (ISBT)…

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