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Suman kumar Gayen
17 hours ago

Top 5 Things to Do This Diwali for Your Finance

Diwali is the festival of light. This festival is important from finance perspective also. Here is the top 5 things to do this Diwali.

2 days ago

8 Steps to Financial Planning

What is Financial Planning? Planning your finances to meet your long-term financial goals. Sit down and put your thinking cap on.

2 days ago

Financial Mistakes Indians Make – We Are Intentionally Destroying Our Financial Lives

Without proper financial planning, you are going to die poor. In this article, I will be taking about some of the financial mistakes Indians make.

Stable Investor
2 days ago

Accept Mean Reversion & follow your Asset Allocation

Asset Allocation and Mean Reversion – If you understand the real essence of these two concepts, you will do better than 99% of the investors. More importantly, if you are already utilizing th…

View of an inquisitive average Indian investor

Yes, that is about me, the restless soul whose twinkling eyes forever stuck at the nifty graph! :) 2016-2017 have been quite a roller c...

M Pattabiraman
5 days ago

What Should I consider when hiring a fee-only financial planner?

When I announced the launch of Fee-only India, a coming together of SEBI registered fee-only financial planners to help clients and each other, Alok Singh, made this interesting suggestion: "It's a good initiative to bring fee-only FPs under one roof. Would it possible to come up with a post describing as to what factor/points one ...continue reading "What Should I consider when hiring a fee-only financial planner?"

Stable Investor
1 week ago

List of Personal Financial Goals – Examples & Advice on How to Finalize Yours

If you want to visualize your personal financial life, try to think of it as a journey. A journey with several stops in the middle. And these stops are your… Personal Financial Goals. Identifying f…

1 week ago

Best Accounting Software - Based on previous Performance [List 1]

Best accounting software [List 1] - On the internet you will find many accounting software, finding the best of them is a difficult task. It's not only the

Sona Mathews
1 week ago

How to find the Best Debt Settlement Companies

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Be disciplined and grow rich!

Building a good habit takes time, nurturing and care. Determination and discipline takes you a long way. One of such habits we have inheri...

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