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Marcep Inc
1 week ago

Top Financial services companies in India: International finance training in India

We are one of the top corporate training in India as well as pan Asia who offers the best finance training in India with good experience international speakers.

3 weeks ago

Construction Punch List: The Ultimate Guide

So, you're nearing the end of your construction project. Given that everything ran smoothly and on schedule, you're ready to present to your client the finished project, the piece de resistance, if you may.

3 weeks ago

Sources of Finance / Source of Funds

Choosing a well sources of finance is actually important for business as well as to take strong decisions by company’s management. A decision related to source of funds impacts a business a lot. In-case of incorrect decision, the cost of funds increases which in turn would have a direct effect in the feasibility of business …

Aditya pandey
1 month ago

मुंबई में रेल ब्रिज पर भगदड़, 22 की मौत, रेल राज्यमंत्री बोले- अफवाह से हुआ हादसा

मुंबई में रेलवे स्टेशन के फुटओवर ब्रिज पर भगदड़ के कारण 22 लोगों की मौत हो गई है. शुक्रवार सुबह बड़ा हादसा परेल और एलफिंस्टन रेलवे स्टे...

Marcep Inc
4 weeks ago

Electrical Risk Management | Electrical Safety Audit (ESA)

Electrical Safety Audits (ESA) For Electrical Risk Management- Electrical Safety Audit is utilized to determine a site's electrical safety to minimize the risk of accidents like fire due to short-circuiting, burns, and an explosion. Marcep Inc. offers you the best electrical safety audit training workshop.

Aditya pandey
1 month ago

OLA Cabs Ubber Muslim driver boycott

विश्व हिंदू परिषद (वीएचपी) के नेता अभिषेक मिश्रा जी ने ओला मैं मुस्लिम ड्राइवर का विरोध क्या किया आज पूरी मीडिया पागल हो गयी है। शुद्...

Marcep Inc
1 month ago

Structural Steel Fireproofing and Passive Fireproofing - Effect of Heat on Structural Steel

Structural Steel Fireproofing and passive fire protection - In order to maintain the integrity of the structural steel, several fireproofing methods have applied that totally prevent structure or material against fire. Passive Fire Proofing is an integral component of the structures that minimize the spread of fire.

Interior Designers in Bangalore (Low Budget) | Bhavana Interior Designers & Decorators in Bangalore, India

Bhavana Interiors are a well-known company as Best Interior Designers in Bangalore (Low Budget) & we are situated at Yelahanka. For more info: 9902571049.

Aashish Pahwa
1 month ago

Coworking Space: How Does It Work & Make Money?

In this ever-changing world of workplace set ups, you might have heard of or witnessed your entrepreneur friends choosing CoWorking Spaces as their office. There must be many questions in your mind like “What is a co-working space? ”, “How does a Coworking Space Operate and make money”?, “

1 month ago

WeWork Mumbai (All You Need to Know About It)

All details of wework mumbai and its offices located at worli, bandra bkc, vikhroli, andheri, goregaon, malad, thane and navi mumbai.

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