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sapna bansal
9 hours ago


Cashify is the online Website for selling the old gadgets. It helps in unlocking the highest price for your old gadget with the least amount of effort.

Swarna Rao
10 hours ago

Goodbye old gadgets

Buying a new gadget is always quite exciting and first few days or months, in our case, we tend to just use it like a baby, handing with utmost care. And then as soon as it’s 1 year old, we t…


The title must be coming out to be very inappropriate for you or to be honest it may seem to

Sheetal Mhaske
16 hours ago

Can You Cashify Your Old Device? Yes, No or Maybe

It was dark outside and so was inside. Of course I was sleeping at that time but I was woken

Dr Mandira
1 day ago

My Halloween Wishlist

I am a twenty something doctor and Yoga expert who loves to dress up and write. I started my blog in 2013 to document my passion for travelling.

Suanlian Tangpua
2 days ago

15 best gift for aunt from niece

Best gift idea for aunt must be chosen to express the unsaid feelings on your behalf. Your aunt must feel gratified and happy after opening your gift.

Swathi Shenoy
2 days ago

Life of my Vaio

I still remember the day I got my first ever laptop. Okay, to be honest, it is the only laptop I got till date which I can call my own. Office gadgets don’t give that sort of feelings. It was…

Anahita Irani
1 day ago

pep up your home this Diwali with 6 easy tips.

Check out this 6 Ultimate Tips to Celebrate Diwali with Masterclass from Pepperfry & Good Home Magazine & decor your home in a classic & amazing way.

Swagata Tarafdar
2 days ago

The Story of a Mobile

It is mid-October. The early morning air is crisp and cool, the sunlight has the colour of honey. Standing on the second-floor balcony of ...

Sunita Singhal
3 days ago

The Cleanliness Regime

The best way to love life is to live it up, and the best way to live life is to make it simple, easy and convenient in all the best ways p...

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