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Khyati Taneja
5 months ago

6 Gifts For Your Dad On His Retirement

Fathers are already very overwhelmed during their retirement, so even your slightest of efforts can give their soul. Here is a list of gifts..

Sona Mathews
5 months ago

Vape Devices

Vpin rate is increasing. Teenagers, youngsters and ages people are also using vapins devices. It is the time to learn more about the vape devices you are using.

Shoppers Gossip
5 months ago

Online shopping VS Offline shopping!

In short, online shopping isn’t an alternative for offline shopping, it is indeed more of advancement or evolution if not soon to say.

4 years ago

Shopping below 4k

Instead I would like to suggest you a shopping site where you could find limited quantity of affordable designer sarees who constantly update their style and are quite a trend setter when it comes to their collection. If you want to buy designer sarees online for under 4,000INR/ $60 approximately the please click here !

5 years ago

Tips to Shop Bandage Dress

The most important point to consider while you shop for a bandage dress is the fabric/Material of the dress. As it hugs your body you need the material to be thick and elastic. In order to be comfortable in a bandage dress the cut and style of the dress is very important. I need to stress on the importance of proper undergarments especially when you are wearing a bandage dress.

5 years ago

Printed Vest

I was surfing through Kahini Kreative's website for a while unable to decide which one of their skirts I like the most. Since am bottom heavy skirts which flare put at the end (mermaid cut/fish cut) look the best on me. So I choose this classic black skirt with hand block printed skirt. The metallic gold prints add the needed glamorous touch to the elegant black skirt. I could have easily paired it up with a black top but that would have been too predictable right ? ;)

Saru Singhal
4 years ago - Save Money On Every Purchase

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Our Pick of Top 10 Beautiful Souvenirs from India

Do away with tacky elephants and made-in-China trinkets with our pick of the most beautiful souvenirs from India that you're sure to want to indulge in!

Alok Singhal
5 years ago

Wishes do come true!

We all have many dreams and wishes. And why not…that is what life should be all about. Some of us want to make an impact in the world and some just want to travel to their favorite destinatio…

Ragini Puri
7 years ago

Visiting the Mall Museums : Story Behind the Deserted Shopping Malls

Malcom MacGonal, a history professor at  Stonewell University was his usual pepped-up self, as he got ready for the day ahead, though toda...

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