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18 hours ago

Unique wedding gift ideas for childhood female friend

Deciding gifts can be a great task! If you are in dilemma about wedding gifts for childhood friend, here’s the list of few amazing ideas to surprise her.

2 days ago

Different payment methods like Cash, Cards, Digital Wallets

After buying from the shop or online one needs to pay. The common payment methods are cash, debit cards, Credit …

Poonam Mondal
4 days ago

Big Bazaar Grocery Shopping Haul|Shoe Rack Decoration Makeover|Pissed With Marketing Gimmicks

HEY LOVESS PARTICIPATE IN MY GIVEAWAY- RULES FOR GIVEAWAY: a) Subscribe to my Channel (make sure your Subscription is Public or else I can't see that you hav...

Vishakha Singh
1 week ago

Best Ideas To Celebrate This Father’s Day With Homemade Gifts

The father's day is the memorable occasion to express the gratitude for dad. A father deserves the best celebration on this day. There are lots of reasons to show the real love and regards to a father. Your love can make him feel how important he is for you in life.

1 week ago

Current Favourites: Urby Women’s Wallet, Suppandi Notepad and more

April is here. Read on to know if the Urby wallet is as good as it looks and mini-reviews of some of my other favourites.

Dr Richa Mina
1 month ago

How to choose your Perfume?

This blistering heat, the glistening bodies covered with a sheen of sweat… summers are finally here. To beat the heat by staying glowing we’ve to indulge in many things like Sunscreen, creme with SPF. One of the most important parts of beauty routine for summers is smelling fresh which could be achieved by Perfume.

Sheetal Mhaske
1 week ago

Lava Launches Z91 with Face Recognition, Full View HD+ Display

Unlock your phone, with your face, effortlessly within 0.7 seconds Enjoy theater like experience with 18:9 wide-screen display Finely crafted Glass finish Let your face become a password of your smart phone. Isn’t it cool to have your mobile phone such feature within your budget? Here’s a good news for all of us. Read on…

Manisha Garg
1 week ago

Ethnic Footwear – Buy or Not to Buy?

These days we are spoilt for choice in every department so footwear cant stay behind, right? We have a footwear option for every situation now. With so much to offer our Desi footwear is not left b…

1 week ago


Memories are the diary we all carry with us. While some might be unforgettable, the others are vivid and overwhelming. They signify the importance of the moment once it has passed. All these good memories constitute a part of our

2 weeks ago

Oriflame Business Class Offer

The Oriflame super business class offers are designed to reward Oriflame consultants for reaching out to more customers or friends with exciting offers by Oriflame every month.

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