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Disciplinarian Dad V/s. Dirt-free Diwali #CleanUpCashOut

Need not worry as Cashify is here to #CleanUpCashOut your homes this Diwali endowing you with a clean, organized and clutter-free home.

10 hours ago

7 Top Tips to Shop for Kids Wear

Shopping for kids wear is fun but its also confusing with so many options available these days. I am sharing some tips to shop for kids clothes.

Deeshani Batra
12 hours ago

Strangest Experience Of Selling A Gadget

There was a time when my life resided in my laptop. It had all my pictures, movies, documents, study material and what not. From blogging t...

How to Sell Used Mobiles Online?

Cashify is an online portal to sell used gadgets. It doesn’t require posting an ad and finding a suitable buyer. I can right away find the resale value of my old phone (or laptop, TV, gaming …

When a bibliophile tries to sell her old Blackberry!

I always believe in having a clutter-free home. Therefore, before every Diwali, I try to get rid of all those things that are no longe...

Deeshani Batra
1 day ago

Time When I Got Stuck With My Old Phone

All the TV anchors of online shopping channels ace in the art of portraying things in a much exaggerated manner that they can easily convin...

#CleanUpCashOut Is Not An Issue At All Now To Sell Your Old Gadgets

Do you know that the dirt you gather on your face can get you some cash #CleanUpCashOut? Or for that sake, your hair, nails, or torn old shoes too can get you some cash. Do you believe this? Well, it was just a joke. Though I hear sometimes that barbers sell the hair in bulk but I am not sure if that happens in reality. Generally, we clean the dirt with soap and/or towel. But you never keep that soap or towel having dirt from your face as a souvenir. Nobody does that in fact. Neither do we keep

Arvind Passey
1 day ago

Don’t give up and don’t lose hope

Our world is full of sellers and buyers… and as both these words have ‘er’, let me add that we have a lot more of ‘ers’ than the other two combined. I realized this when I was trying to sell my sma…

Ruchi Verma
1 day ago

Laptop Love

When I got mar­ried 10 years back, I had a desk­top at home and very much pos­sessed about lap­tops which were new in the mar­ket and [...]

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