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Amit kumar
1 day ago

10 Reasons IIT Madras is the Best Pick for IIT JEE Aspirants

JEE is a very popular and important exam for all engineering aspirants especially those who aspire to be a part of the prestigious IITs. It is the dream institution for all and one among those is IIT Madras. It is an autonomous statutory organisation and an institute of national importance recognised by the Government of …

Sealants and their types

During construction we need to make our home water proof and seal the joints of glass and frame of glazed doors and windows. After construction [...]

Comparison between Plastic Water Tanks and Concrete Water Tanks

Water is the basic need of every human being. We get water either directly from the ground or from the municipality. Water is required for [...]

Kumar Mritunjay
2 weeks ago

Electronic Fund Transfer(EFT kya hai) in Hindi

EFT क्या हैं, Types of EFT in Hindi, (What is Electronic Fund Transfer in Hindi) Bank के एक खाते से किसी दूसरे खाते में Paise के Electronic Transfer को EFT कहते हैं, EFT के लाभ और हानि। EFT ki Puri Jankari Hindi me.

Kunal Aggarwal
3 weeks ago

WHAT'S Inside an Electric Cell!! Cut into 2 pieces !!

Let's check what's inside an electric cell !! Giveaway Details :- Casio GShock GBA400 To participate: 1. Subscribe to my channel 2. Like the video 3. View at...

Tejas Lodhia
3 weeks ago

જાણો ભારતીય સેના ના દ્વારા વપરાતા વિવિધ પ્રકાર ના ખતરનાક શસ્ત્રો અને અસ્ત્રો વિષે

શું તમે જાણવા માંગો છો કે ભારતીય સેનાઓ દ્વારા કેવા કેવા પ્રકાર ના શસ્ત્રો વાપરવા માં આવે છે. તો જાણો ભારત ના આર્મી, વાયુસેના,અને નેવી ના શસ્ત્રો

1 month ago

How Q learning can be used in reinforcement learning

Learn how to use the q learning in reinforcement learning along with case studies of using q learning in drone delivery and autonomous car driving.

1 month ago

Introduction to Reinforcement Learning using R

Introduction to reinforcement learning by explaining the key topics like the policy, reward, state, action with real-life examples.

Shreya Dutta
1 month ago

Top Careers to Pursue after Engineering

1+ Users who have LIKED this post: It’s often said– When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Before the completion of his journey of Engineering, the thoughts of career surmount his feelings and makes him ponder to explore the things which lure him the most. An engineering student is bound to think on …

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