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2 days ago

Hotel Management Se Tourism Tak, Kare Ye Vocational Course, Job Ki Hai Guarantee.

Vocational Course Jaha Students Ko Koi Special Skills Sikhate Hai, Vahi Inse Job Milne Ka Confidence Bhi Paida Hota Hai. Vocational ...

3 weeks ago

Computer organization questions and answer for Gate Exam - Practice Set 3 | Computer Science Junction

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kannan narayanan
3 weeks ago


          Friction is an important phenomenon in our day-today life.  When you ignite a match stick, friction comes into play.  ...

1 month ago

Moving steel line(little willi) - historical Treasure sharing

It is a thought that you can prepare a mobile steel line and use it as a war machine. The first was the idea of ​​Capt. F.J.Booler, one of...

Dr Ryan Fernandes
1 month ago

You Either Live or Die

If you watch the hit TV sitcom, The Big Bang Theory, you often come across the concept of the Schrodinger’s Cat. Today’s blog post is based on this premise, so before we go into it, we need to know…

Dr Ryan Fernandes
1 month ago

This Test-is Unusual!

Sometimes it is hard to differentiate between the intelligent and the insane in the scientific community. Often, they say that geniuses are usually crazy. This month we have come across a number of…

Fly Ash Bricks

Fly ash brick is a brick made by using Fly ash of class ‘C’, Sand/Stone Dust, Lime, and Gypsum in appropriate proportions mixed in water.

Aniket Kavathekar
2 months ago

मी पृथ्वीद्रव्य ऊर्फ स्थायुद्रव्य बोलतोय (The Solid Substance Comes calling!!)

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Shubhranshu Mishra
2 months ago

Hoverbike- The future of bike riding

Most of us ride with a motorbike. But do you know, soon you will able to fly with your motorbike?

pranita deshpande
2 months ago

Degree involving Maths

It makes us prompt in any business, active in any work, reduces laziness, increases persistence power 7]It gives positive feedback in our life.

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