Caste Prejudice

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8 years ago

Unasked Reservations

Reservations in India has been existent for more than half a century now. It was then, the need of the hour, to close the gap on discrimination. Throughout the tenure of existence it has for sure made a lot of impact on the lives of almost every Indian, be it good or bad.

2 years ago

Is Reservation Fair ?

The word "Reservation" itself demarcates our social strata, so it can never ever be fair. It has instilled feeling in the masses based on casteism. When I was in my kindergarten days, I used to hear people say that when we will grow up, the caste system would be abolished from the society but what I find today is just the opposite what people thought in the past.

Sakshi Nanda
5 years ago

I want to meet you, Rajiv Goswami

I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past - Thomas Jefferson And that is why I want to meet you, Rajiv Goswami. It is you who I would resurrect from the pages of History because with you I want to dream of a better future, rather than think of a historical past that consumed you.

2 years ago


When you talk about reservation in India, you must be very careful in airing your views. The basis for your opinion should be on sound logic. I think reservation is fair as long as it is based on the criteria of economic status of the person.

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