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Is GOD One? How is HE Everywhere? What is 786?

Discusses on how GOD is One and Everywhere according to Hindu, Muslim and Christian religions. We would never fight for our religion, but gel well with others.

Why Allah has no picture? Why Muslims disbelieve idol worship?

Maybe, I am one of the rare Hindus who was blessed by The Creator to understand Allah.

4 months ago

हिन्दू (ब्राह्मण धर्म) धर्म के प्रति विद्रोह आखिर क्यों ?

हिन्दू (ब्राह्मण धर्म) धर्म के प्रति विद्रोह आखिर क्यों ?, उजाले की ओर part 4 यंग इंडिया,Ancestral occupation,जात पात तोड़क मंडल,बाबा साहब डॉक्टर भीमराव अंबेडकर,Caste system,हरिजन सेवक संघ,

3 months ago

भारत में जातिवाद ही सबसे बड़ा आतंकवाद Part 1

भारत में जातिवाद ही सबसे बड़ा आतंकवाद Part 1,Cast,ISIS,जातिवाद,ब्राह्मणवादी व्यवस्था, बहुजन समाज,2Bahujan Samaj, Bahujan Awaaz Sagar

Manoj Pandey
3 months ago

Anarkali: a down to earth blog for a down-to-earth purpose

Everything you wanted to know about blogging: Theory, Concepts, Practice

JanaSena: Same hostels for EBC children in AP.

One of Pawan Kalyan's promise in JanaSena Election Manifesto that impressed me.
3 months ago

In A Village In Karnataka, There Exists A Temple That Is Also A Church.

In this village is the beautiful stone building of Snanika Arulappanavara Virakta Mutt, or the Church of Saint John the Baptist. Yes, you read that right. A temple and a church coexist in the village.

The Suicide Note

A personal blog. All about memoirs, poems and heartbreaks.

Santwona Patnaik
3 months ago


This part of the globe is constantly looked up to by the rest of the world, for morals, religious beliefs, value systems and what not – India, being the favourite destination in the hunt for morals. In a bid to boast these values, we still hold on to an age-old concept of casteism in independent …

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